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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Justifying the Cell Phone Upgrade

It seems like business if booming--every time I go to a cell phone store, there are lines for sales and service. I have watched iPhones fly off the shelves. I don't have a ton of money after all the changes I have gone through, but I can think of lots of reasons to update to a Blackberry Storm or an iPhone...
1. I can be online or blogging while at the gym on an excercise bike.
2. Whereever I go I can have everything I need with me--no worrying about how I can get home to check emails.
3. The plan seems totally reasonable for what it delivers.
4. I won't have to try to find a hot spot or free internet location.
5. If I leave directions at home, I can look them up with my phone.
6. I can fill out a mystery shop while at the location without fearing being discovered since literally everyone is wired these days.
7. Anytime I have a wait anywhere, I can hop online and check stuff.
8. It's better than getting a netbook.

Now, what would Jesus do? Would he get the iPhone or the Blackberry?


Anonymous said...

I am leaving this comment with a blackberry storm right now so that I can check out what it feels like to write with the phone. It's actually pretty cool!

SavvyD said...

Oh, yeah and when I look at the billing issues I'm having, I definitely won't be signing up for a long term contract with anyone for mobile web. That ends up being another $300 a year going out the window. I can only justify buying a netbook--but no mobile services. Those will have to come from going to places that provide free web.

Tairebabs said...

I have been debating with myself over the same thing. I am still not sure which one of the two I should get but right now it looks like blackberry storm is what I may end up with.

SavvyD said...

i'm still not sure. I might even switch to Tmobile so I can get a better phone without getting a Blackberry--the data plans are $10 more for any Blackberry. But the Storm was cool to play with in the store!!