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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Savvy Advice About Long Lashes

Long eyelashes are everywhere. Even the evening news covered the latest in products such as Allergan's Latisse. Lash Serums--I don't know if they all work, but Athena Bioscience Lash Serum does. I have been using it for a few months and noticed my lashes are longer and don't fall out as often. Saks Fifth Avenue has a comparable lash serum that runs for $150. Beat the system and get it for $87 and free shipping at www.MDSkinShop.com.

Don't want to order online? Go to Nordstrom for Intuit's product, though I can't vouch for it , you can return it at the store. As a bonus to you, there is no need for a prescription or a visit to a quack beauty doctor for a prescription to get Latisse by Allergan or their old product, Lumigan. Both of those are actually drugs for treating glaucoma. The longer lashes are a side effect. Even Jan Marini who makes a $160 lash serum is against the stuff saying her product is more economical. Allergan, of course, tried to sue. Read about the controversy.

Find out even more about the products by searching around on the internet. There are many sites that review beauty products such as www.Carefair.com which discussed prescription products for lash growth. Watch out for anything that is too inexpensive as it may not be a quality product. I had a severe allergic reaction to one product and had to throw it away. I was also allergic to the mascara they made. It's up to you to decide what is worthwhile to you.

As per usual, I get nothing for making any recommendations. But please always use my Savvy Search, or anything else that pops up on this page with sincere thanks from me.


Adam T. said...

I'm fine with the lashes I have.

Anonymous said...

Hey Savvy, thanks for adding my blog, I thought i'd let you know that i've created a forum to coincide with the blog


Basically its a forum where writers can come and discuss their yays and woes, share advice or discuss the publishing world. I'd love it if you could drop in and have a look (it was only set up yesterday) and maybe let your friends know if they're interested.



Anonymous said...

I've been using Lancome Cils Booster XL the last few months, then Lancome's waterproof Hypnose and I've been pleased. It's about $60 for both, so if you want to try something cheaper I reccommend it.

SavvyD said...

I'll try it. Lancome is having a gift with purchase event. Woohoo! So far Tresor is the only perfume I can actually wear. After about a week everything else makes me allergic. Burberry Brit has to go back to Sephora.