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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Same Old Me

I've already broken my new year's resolutions. Crap.

1. I did not live better. Well, maybe I did. I did mystery shop today and made some money. I didn't make it to the gym, but I took a nice long walk. I'm just upset over 2 & 3 since my resolutions are all intertwined.

2. I did not eat better. I had medium french fries with a hamburger at McDonalds. I had a chocolate crepe. But then, I also had a taco salad without finishing the chips or the shell. I had carrots as a snack.

3. I did not love more. I told a bitchy department store employee to fuck off. I then called customer service to complain that perhaps the employees had better things to do than to organize their personal calendars or have information for a social club out at work. Like, say, maybe they should be doing their actual jobs and if there isn't enough for them to do, maybe they don't need so many people. (Some details are not revealed because I wouldn't want that bitchy employee to rat me out.) My mom got a laugh out of it, so maybe I did show love after all--at least to my mom. And maybe not holding that anger inside IS living better. My mom said, sometimes you just have to tell someone how you really feel. It's important to listen to and respect your elders, right?

The jury is out...
There's always tomorrow...

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