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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love and Mystery Shopping

Can you find love at work? Well, maybe. Perhaps if you are working on a mystery shop, they don't know that you are working. I met one guy that way. I called to set an appointment to go to a time share presentation...wouldn't you know it that the guy setting my appointment gave me his personal cell phone number? I didn't believe he would do that. It must be just a sales line, right? Wrong...

He called me the next morning. I thought he was calling me in a professional capacity when in actuality...

Savvy: So, yeah. I did go to the presentation. Were you going to ask me how it was?
Phone: Um, actually, no.
Savvy: Wait. So why are you calling me? Is it in a professional capacity?
Phone: Um, well...
Savvy: Are you still waking up?
Phone: Yes. I am. I called you first thing.
Savvy: Oh wait, I get it. You're calling me in an un-professional capacity.
Phone: Is that OK with you?
Savvy: Actually yes, yes it is.

He sent me his picture via cell phone and asked for mine. We had a few conversations about meeting. I expressed hesitation. He had been telling me how much he liked me already, that he was ready to find a special girl and get married. He told me he thought I could be that girl. That's crazy. But I started thinking about the musical Bells Are Ringing where the answering service girl lands a wealthy actor.

Savvy: What if you don't like how I look?
Phone: The way I feel about you, I don't care how you look. You could be totally ugly. I want to be with you for your amazing personality.
Savvy: Really? Wow, that's great to hear.
Phone: My friends are saying that I shouldn't do this because I was working when I got your number. I could lose my job.
Savvy: No. I won't tell on you, don't worry.
Phone: I told them you weren't like that.

How could I report him when I was equally guilty?

I finally felt comfortable enough to send my picture and then never heard from him except for a lame excuse about how he hadn't checked his email. Yeah, and I was born yesterday. It's OK. It was nice and flattering.

But even before I sent my picture, I knew I was more in love with the story than the actuality. How romantic to have a man fall in love with you as a voice on the phone?!! How would you react if a guy revealed unsavory secrets?

Phone: Sorry I didn't call you until now, I was at church.
Savvy: That's great. I go to church too.
Phone: I try to make it, I'm trying to be a good Christian.
Savvy: That's awesome.
Phone: Savvy, can I tell you a secret?
Savvy: Sure.
Phone: You aren't judgmental, are you?
Savvy: I don't think so.
Phone: When I was in college I was in a porno.
Savvy: Wow, REALLY? Oh my God!
Phone: You said you wouldn't judge.
Savvy: Well, that isn't who you are now is it? Would you ever do something like that again?
Phone: No, I wouldn't. Though I have to admit I'm a very sexual person.
Savvy: Believe it or not, I sort of understand how someone might do something crazy like that.

I never know what to say when a guy starts telling me his very sexual. Lots of people say they are, but what exactly does that mean? All I can think is that its disrespectful to bring it up when we haven't even met. But I also thought that he's going to church and trying to clean up his life. Aren't we all trying to do better? Why is everything about sex? In any case, we never met. About a week after I last heard from him, my phone rang with his number. I didn't pick up. He didn't leave a message. So, apparently love and mystery shopping struck out despite the romantic beginning.

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