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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Graceful Exit

My troubles with the Episcopal Church are over for now. A spot opened up for me at a Catholic church and I took the opportunity to make more money and be an official church employee instead of an independent contractor.

However, troubled times abound... On my final Sunday, I heard word that some of the churches want to split from the main church due to recent political issues. The Archdiocese decided that if those churches should split that the property will remain with the Episcopal church.

There are things I will miss. The people were warm and friendly. I felt welcome socially. People liked me and I felt like I mattered to the other members of the choir. I will also miss singing soprano as I have an alto position for now. I will miss the Reverend Mother saying my name as she hands me the Body of Christ while I kneel at the altar with everyone in the choir. At the Catholic Church where I will be now, it's like a parade of a 1000 people every mass. (Of course I repent for my unloving acts previously mentioned.)

There are things I will not miss. I will not miss the sexual humor. I will not miss the unprofessional behavior such as everyone being tardy, being there for a really long time on Sunday, constant references to gay culture, celebration of gayness. I have gay friends. I have always gotten along with them. There are some I love with all my heart. Overt celebration of free sexuality flies in the face of what is Godly. I would have a difficult time with this in a straight choir. I had a hard time with the lack of spirituality in the choir as well. I consider myself to be the worst offender in some ways, but I will go along with a sincere prayer that someone leads. This rarely happened.

And the church where I am now has its own set of problems. One of the fathers likes the old Latin masses...and if you know anything about Vatican II changing the mass to the languages of the people from Latin, well this is very controversial. Quite a few people left the choir because they did not like what they see.

And in some ways, I have no right to judge anyone as less.

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Anonymous said...

I know that for you this is a job and you gotta go where you gotta go and I totally get that and best of luck to you. No, you're right, you have no right to judge, but also every Christian needs to feel spiritually fed and if you're not, then you need to go elsewhere. No one is perfect, no church is perfect, but if you pray about it and feel that God leads you in one direction, then that's the way you must go. Hopefully no one takes it personally because it's between you and God.