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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Hookup and Hefeweissen

I went out with Betty and Becky Sue. I found out why I haven't heard from her in a few days. She said she couldn't get out of bed because the holidays depress her. I have so rarely had a boyfriend for the holidays that I don't get depressed, though I spent a month depressed over Tall. I definitely empathize.

The holidays make alot of people anxious. Maybe next year I'll pay an out of work actor to pretend to be my boyfriend. It made everyone so happy when I had a boyfriend last year.

A few posts back someone said something about meeting a decent Christian guy at a bar. Whatevs, peeps. I just go to hang out with my friends and try whatever Hefeweissen they have on tap. I was there to do that and dance with my friends. That's all.

I met a guy who started flirting with me. It was interesting. I found him somewhat attractive and was pretty sure I had met him before. I couldn't remember his name, and I can't now either.

Sleazy: Well, I'm going to leave now.
Savvy: OH, really?
Sleazy: Yes, I have to get away from your friend's french fries.
Savvy: Oh.
Sleazy: Do you want to go home with me?
Savvy: ...
Sleazy: Just kidding!
Savvy: Oh. So long as you're kidding.
Sleazy: Well, I'm really tired and you won't go home with me, so goodnight.
Savvy: Wait. I'll go. haha! Just kidding!
Sleazy: Oh, so you're a tease.
Savvy: No, I'm not at all. I though you were kidding.
Sleazy: No.
Savvy: Oh. Well, I'm really flattered and you're a good looking guy, but I've never done that and I'm not about to start.
Sleazy: Never say never.
Savvy: Never. I never will do that.
Sleazy: It's too bad. Are you sure you don't want to go home with me? We would have alot of fun.
Savvy: Fun? Really? It doesn't sound that much fun to worry if I have something from the experience or will have something in 9 months time.
Sleazy: Well, when you put it that way...
Savvy: I'm looking for a relationship and I'm willing to wait until I find someone who cares about me.
Sleazy: You can't blame a guy for trying.
Savvy: Ummm...See you around. Drive safely, OK?

I would be ruder to someone I wasn't going to see again. Betty said I shouldn't ever date any of the guys from Meetup. Unfortunately it's too late and I already have. Swing (who I hung out with the following night)said I should be flattered not insulted that he asked me. Another guy said I should join Meetups that are based around an activity like hiking or say dog walking because he has a dog. Becky Sue snort laughed.

Savvy: That guy asked me to go home with him.
Becky: What guy?
Savvy: The one that was eating your fries.
Becky: Haha, he didn't get very far with you. That blonde guy, right?
Savvy: What was his name?
Becky: Classic!! He hit on you and you can't remember his name.

We both snort laughed. It's funny in so many ways. In so many other ways it isn't.

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starlight32 said...

Funny story. I've noticed the holidays are a little lonelier when you don't have someone special to spend them with. But I'm glad you're coping well :) You've got a great sense of humor, and good for you for saying no to Sleazy! haha.