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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Swinging Around Some Ideas

If I am like Tigger, Swing is my Eeyore. Lately, I'm always trying to cheer him up because going through a tough time trying to get his dissertation done. I'm always learning something new and interesting about him...things that make me glad to still have him as a friend and see that he wouldn't be good for dating anybody right now. Usually our phone calls start like this:
Savvy: Hey, it's me. How's it going?
Swing: Oh....I don't know.

One time I said it with him. The oh part is really long.

One time I called him when I got new Invisalign aligners because they made me lisp really badly. I sang part of the Tigger song.
Savvy: So, do you find me remotely amusing?
Swing: Sometimes.

Over dinner on Friday, I cracked a couple of jokes with him.
Savvy: Oh, I got half a smile.
Swing: That's because it was halfway funny.
Savvy: Maybe sometime I'll actually make you laugh all the way.
Swing: You're starting to make me feel self-conscious.
Savvy: I just want you to feel happy at least when you are with me and so I fell into gauging "audience response."
Swing: I appreciate your effort, I really do.

He showed me his new iPhone and a map came up.
Savvy: What's this?
Swing: Oh, just a place I went to.
Savvy: Is it nerdy?
Swing: You couldsay so...I went to a comic book store.
Savvy: Nothing wrong with that. You don't have to hide that from me.
Swing: I also came out her to see lucha libre.

We talked about the struggle to find parking in Hollywood.
Swing: I had to park in a garage.
Savvy: I found street parking. Are you jealous?
Swing: Yes.
Savvy: I never pay for parking.

It turned out had parked directly under a sign tat said PERMIT PARKING ONLY. I started laughing.
Savvy: That's what I get for bragging.
Swing: Oh no!
Savvy: I forgot to check the sign. I just saw a space.
Swing: If it's easy, there must be something wrong--especially in Hollywood.

He stroked my hair and gave me a hug. Since then, we've been commiserating about tickets, court appearances and not having any money. He got smacked with charges for failing to take car of a fix-it ticket and it put him in a bad mood.

Savvy: So are you in the slammer? Is this your only phone call?
Swing: No...But I had to pay about $400.
Savvy: Of money you don't have.
Swing: It would really be better to live in an area where you don't have to drive anywhere.
Savvy: Yeah, I was gonna say, when I go down to hang out with you we have to make double sure I don't get another ticket. I got another one after Friday.
Swing: You got another one?
Savvy: Yeah, I went to the bank and I didn't see the lines and they docked me for parking 1/3 of my car into the next spot. But I swear that it wasn't that much. Maybe they'll let it go.
Swing: You can try, but it didn't work that way for me. It amazes me how people try to argue with the judge.
Savvy: Not a good idea. I have the best idea in the world.
Swing: What's that?
Savvy: We could move back to Amsterdam, find some place to squat--a garret apartment like in La Boheme--and make money by selling $1 beers and having an impromptu jazz performance every night. Oh and we could do classical stuff like a salon kind of thing like in the Romantic era. I had a friend who did that in New York.
Swing: Yeah, I like the idea of reliving the glory days in Holland.
Savvy: It sounds so fun. Plus, you did it before, so you can be like the manager, except tat nowadays I guess we realize that the bohemian life kinda sucks.

Swing is a really interesting guy who has had lots of interesting adventures. I wish I could do something to help him feel less depressed, but depression is something on the inside. Still, I think I'll keep him around. He's always been respectful toward me.


L.C.T. said...

Aww I love winnie the pooh. I'm tigger too.

Alisha Endre said...

Tigger is soooo cuteeeee.

I have an Eeyore friend. It's a girl tho... *le sigh* I <3 her. She's great when she's up. but most of the time- she's down. LOL.

Im learning the only thing you can do is try to have fun when ur around them. Bring them to your mood level. dont let theirs affect yours.

The Learner said...


If swing is trying to finish a dissertation that may be why he is in Eyore mode...I feel his pain!

SavvyD said...

Lerner, if anyting it made him a bit worse. He was quite lie that before. The only difference is that I feel invesed now because I told him he would regret it if he didn't finish and that he would feel good about finishing. Not that my opinion had that much power, but I feel partly responsible for convincing him to go back to finish.