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Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm in a Bad Relationship

I'm in a really bad relationship right now. Common sense would tell me to get out. Believe me, I'm trying. But it's hard. Especially around Christmas and I have no idea where he is. He'd probably do something as stupid as that guy if he were here.
We never go out.
He never calls.
He doesn't bring me flowers.
He doesn't seem to remember when my birthday is.
He does his own thing for the holidays.
I never know where he is.
My guess is that he's probably watching football on Saturday and maybe playing Second Life.
I've been waiting a really long time for him to ask me to marry him.
He's probably dating other women--that is when he isn't playing video games and watching football.
He stays at work way too late.

Seriously, what a JERK!!

Lastly, he doesn't seem to be very social. Because if he were more social, maybe we would have actually met so he could do these things on purpose instead of because we've never met!


Emily said...


You wrote:
"Lastly, he doesn't seem to be very social. Because if he were more social, maybe we would have actually met so he could do these things on purpose instead of because we've never met!"

Are you seriously dating someone you met on the internet or are you writing a parody about a person who is dating a loser? I am seriously confused.

How was your Christmas? I hope you had some relaxation and rest during this Christmas season.

SavvyD said...

I'm writing about my husband who I haven't met yet. He's MIA.

Emily said...

Why do you want a husband so badly?

SavvyD said...

I'm so tired of all the crap that comes with being single. I don't want to be alone. All around me I see pairs. Even swans have a mate. 50 years ago no one would think there was anything wrong with me for wanting to get married. Why is it so wrong now?

Emily said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be married, but seeing being single as a stale alternative may lead you to rush into a relationship with a person who is a poor fit for you. Furthermore, the right kind of men you want to attract may see your outward expression as being more needy, therefore, it may be even more difficult to attract the right kind of people. ((hugs))

SavvyD said...

Em, I don't have a history of rushing into anything. I would like to be in a relationship and talk about it openly here. I have a history of moving on fairly quickly if someone can't treat me right or isn't right for me.

I will be writing about some of those in the next few days.

Dawnie said...

awww I can sense your frustration! I hope your knight in shining armor comes soon..i'm sitting here thinking--how does one meet a man these days--one that is marriage material...the world is so different than when i was young. all i remember is there were to dam many of them bugging me. women didnt have to work as hard then-I think todays woman is much more forward and dosnt wait for a man anymore, so the line of men looking for a partner has gotten so much smaller.

Anonymous said...

what a hoot! Love this post!! I think mine is wasting his time doinfg the same stuff. Hey, maybe they're all hanging out at the same dumb place.

Just found your blog. Sick to the gills of reading the design/renovation/craft/knitting/sewing girl blogs I usually read, because down to the last they are all coupled and in various stages of parenthood. I need someone I can RELATE to.

I think I'm going to like your blog. And its author.

Here's to a 2009 of new and great things.

SavvyD said...

Someone wrote a book called Guyland. Is that where they are?