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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

15 Reasons Why A Girl Doesn't Call

Girls seem to always obsess over getting a phone call. I have discovered that men do too. Alright, I always knew that they secretly get upset if we don't call them back. It becomes a point of pride for them. So here are some reasons why women don't call men back. And ladies, some of these are also reasons to consider not calling a guy.

1. There's something scary about him.
2. He joked inappropriately on the phone before the date. Don't joke about sex if you don't know someone.
3. He isn't a match in terms of background or interests and it's painfully obvious to her.
4. She has a boyfriend.
5. He seems too interested--he calls too much, hangs on every word and then it goes back to the guy seeming to be scary.
6. He seems to be only interested in sex.
7. She met someone else.
8. She changed her mind.
9. The guy took too long to call so she moved on.
10. She didn't really want to give out her number and swears she will give out a fake one next time.
11. She didn't really want his card, but he gave it to her anyway.
12. Her cell phone died or got disconnected. Actually mine is disconnected today--though the voicemail still works, so it's possible.
13. She was just using him--for sex, to make someone jealous or was cheating on her boyfriend.
14. The attempt at seduction misfired and one or both parties are embarrassed.
15. A large bookcase fell on her and she can't reach her phone to call 911 much less a guy.
16. She's in the hospital in coma after getting into an accident as she was dialing his number.
17. She met someone else.
18. She got back together with her ex.
19. She just didn't want to.

It may be multiple reasons. It's important to respect a girl's need for space if she doesn't call back. Yes, maybe she really did end up in the hospital and desperately would want to call you if not for being in a coma. But chances are, it's something else. I had a guy who I stopped calling because he had joked inappropriately on the phone (The Guy in the Hawaiian Shirt) keep trying to call me. When I finally answered, he said just one word: BITCH. I was glad he stopped calling and glad I never went out with him. I'm hoping that's the end of it. But if he calls again, I'm calling the police.

There is no reason to be angry when someone you don't know doesn't call. After all, you don't know the person. Get over it and move on. Do some self-assessment--maybe it really was you!  In future be sure you do only what you won't regret with someone who is basically a stranger. Always remember it could be the last time you see or speak to someone--either because of your words and actions or theirs.


J.N. said...

Hey it's Jane! I missed your blog oh so much! One reason why I didn't call a guy back was because he didn't know what the word edible meant. It seems childish, but I can't date a dummy. Swing by sometime

confessions of a college sucker!

SavvyD said...

That's sooo funny! I understand. I stopped calling a guy because he only had a high school education and I have a master of music. It's not about smarts, but in a way it is. You are exposed to things in school that you might not be otherwise.

MilesPerHour said...

Boy am I glad that I don't have to deal with all that anymore. I am just open, up front and honest with women. I have a s/o now for 2 years so the point is mute with me, but here's to something good about maturity (or being old as dirt)lol

Jen said...

hehe I am so glad I am way past the dating stage... people do play such games don't they?

Stella said...

I try to tell a guy clearly, yet gently that I'm not interested. If he's persistent in giving me his number anyway, well there's no surprise why I didn't call. And sometimes I just forget. Oops.