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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys: The Roller Rink

After not hearing from Tall all week, Becky and Betty were going to MAKE me go out if it killed me. I was in tears, but then, there were other factors involved. I met Bachelor #4 at the roller rink. Seriously, no joke. What am I? 12? That's what it felt like.

As we were all putting on skates I started talking about "the good ol' days."

Savvy: Ah, this was sooo much easier when you were a kid.
Becky: So true.
Savvy: Like your mom would tie your skates for you and you were good to go.
Becky: Makes things easier.
Savvy: I don't remember it being so hard to reach my toes.
Becky: I don't remember how to skate.

We both laughed. Skating again was hard. I fell. I still remember the last time I went skating. It was a group date. I really liked this guy. My ex boyfriend and another guy were with us. I still remember the couples skate we did and how nervous I got when he put his arm around me in the car later--so nervous that I wouldn't stop talking. I was 16.

I got a smaller skate and since there happened to be a really tall big guy in our group, I asked him a very serious question.

Savvy: Will you help me lace up my skates?
Dude: Sure. I put my foot in his lap.
Savvy: Aw thanks, this makes it much easier.
Dude: You realize that by 6th grade standards, this makes me your boyfriend, right?
Savvy: Oh, really?
Dude: Yes.
Savvy: But I don't even really know you.
Dude: Well, then we should get to know each other, cause you've already got me doing stuff for you.
Savvy: Umm, OK. Ouch, too tight at the top.
Dude: Sorry.
Savvy: And the bottom is too loose.
Dude: You're really cute. And you wore a headband for 80s night, so I definitely had to talk to you.
Savvy: Awww, thanks.
Dude: So, if I'm your boyfriend, we should go on a date.
Savvy: Um, yes, I suppose we should, after all, we're back in the the 6th grade tonight and I wouldn't want to violate that understanding of the world. It was all so simple back then.
Dude: What are you doing tomorrow night? The dance was cancelled.
Savvy: Well, I have other plans.
Dude: And you didn't invite me?
Savvy: It's full.

(Boy is it with 2 of my bachelors from last weekend going there--Tall and Loan. At that time things had not been truly defined with either. Plus, it's a little rude to invite yourself along--though in retrospect, it would have been a fine thing to have a date there with Tall being such a jerk.)
I was going to go to the dance after dinner, but I think I was dreaming.
Dude: Why?
Savvy: Cause it's a beer tasting. I don't think I'll be able to drive anywhere for awhile.
Dude: You're all laced up.
Savvy: Thanks.
Dude: Can you ever remember having some guy tie your shoes for you?
Savvy: No, hehe thanks!

I was lying. A few months ago I had a guy tie my shoes when I went bowling--I think it was J (Manbag) and then when I went bowling with Astro, I had him lace my shoes, too. But hey, if the guy thinks it's soemthing special, that's his delusion. I don't know why I like to have guys tie my shoes, I just do. I walk a fine line between cute and annoying.

So the Dude is Christian--Greek Orthodox and has a Masters in Theology. He doesn't want to be ordained unless he gets married since that's the only way he can have a wife. That makes him an out of work teacher who works for his dad part time and at a comic book store part time. We finally settled on going out on Saturday, though I'm not really sure why since I'm still upset over Tall and have never gotten over Bass. The Dude also hit his head when he fell skating. I ended up going to visit him. So now we are officially for reals dating according to the 6th grade world. In fact, it's serious. We're going to get married and have 6 kids and make a movie about it--a guy's version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

As were all left the roller rink he opened his arms wide.
Dude: So, do I get a hug?
Savvy: Aren't you going to the restaurant?
Dude: Only if you're going.
Savvy: Yes. See you in few.

We hugged.
Dude: I just wanted to feel your body.

Umm, yuck. I didn't like that comment so much. Then at the restaurant he kept putting his hand on my knee. Finally I moved it.

Savvy: I take things really slow.
Dude: That's a good idea, you don't wnat to get a DUI.
Savvy: No, I mean dating.
Dude: Oh...that's good.
Savvy: I've learned that if anyone is in a hurry that it's really not about you. It takes time to get to know someone.

This isn't 6th grade anymore. Attachments aren't so easy to form as they were back then, though people seem to try by hopping in the sack. Part of the joy of the 6th grade was the level of innocence that everyone had. Those days seem long gone. I'm glad I went out because I was so upset about Tall not calling. Having another guy be attracted, being social, hanging out with friends--all of that helps. Part of me thought that bringing him to the Beer tasting would have been a good idea to show Tall that I could find someone else quickly. And yet, I was still to hurt over Tall to consider playing that game. Plus, that would have been a pretty awfule first date. Becky and Betty think I'm going to be fine. In fact they were amazed that I was able to find someone else so quickly. So am I.


Dawnie said...

lol, I'm SOOO glad I'm not dating in these days and times. Its so different and so hard! I have no idea how i would respond or act in todays world. AND If were to end up single again I do think I would remain.

SavvyD said...

Yeah, it's tough out here. I think alot of the spiritual advice we get from church is disconnected to what it's really like because half those pastors married so young as to never be truly single and experience our troubles. But then, that's why I started this blog.