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Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys: Boys with Issues

I had boys buzzing around like bees around a deliciously sweet flower. It was interesting. I do like the attention some of the time, but I have to say I am more confused today than I was Friday. Every rose has its thorn. Every silver lining has its cloud. Maybe it was the high heels and showing a little cleavage...

Bachelor #1 Loan Officer
Bachelor #2 Screenwriter (used to be a network administrator.)
Bachelor #3 Insurance Administrator (Tall)

I've met #1 before. We had an interesting evening that time hanging out, throwing back a few cold ones and then trying to cook. I thought Loan was a bit odd, but funny. I went to a wine and appetizer mixer and there he was. I handed him a glass of wine. He wanted to take a picture of me to send to his friends. We relocated to a bar to meet up with some other folks who weren't able to make it earlier.

I was already tipsy when I met #2. We hit it off right away. He kept telling me I was beautiful. He also kept taking off his glasses to talk to me. Cause somehow that makes a guy more handsome, not! Glasses are sooooo sexy. At least to me they are.

Screen: This is a perfect evening. The game is on. I'm talking to a beautiful girl...you're really sweet, too.
Must be the dress.
Savvy: Thanksss. That's sooooo sweet!! You're not so bad yourself. So, you're drinking champagne?
Screen: Yes, it's a brut dry champagne.
Savvy: Wow. I have a small bottle of champagne in my purse that I've been wanting to try. Let's sneak out to the patio.

We did. We chit chatted--which is how I found out that he is a screen writer and likes to go to wine tastings. And recently left the ubernerdy world of system administration.

Screen: You know this isn't really champagne don't you?
Savvy: Yes, because champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France. Anything else is just a sparkling wine.
Screen: Wow. You're smart, too.
Savvy: Do you like smart? I think smart is sexy, but not everyone does.
Screen: Smart is definitely sexxy.

We toasted. And ended up not liking the champagne. Too syrupy sweet after that brut.
Savvy: Oh well... Say, they might come looking for me because they probably think we slipped out here to make out.
Screen: Hey, that's not a bad idea...

The glasses came off yet again.
Screen: Wow, you're the most amazing kisser...
Savvy: Hehe thanks. You're not so bad yourself.
Screen: Do you have a card?
Savvy: Shoot, I do, but I ran out.
Screen: No matter. I have a phone.

We eventually did go back inside and sat for some time chatting until trouble reared its ugly head.
Screen: I feel neglected by the waitstaff.I felt toasty, happy and tipsy.
Savvy: Don't feel neglected, I'm here.
Screen: I HATE it when people tall me not to feel something. I feel what I feel.
Savvy: Ummm, allow me to rephrase that... What I meant was, I'm sorry that you feel neglected by the waitstaff, but I'm not neglecting you.

I smiled really big but felt superweird about it.
Waiter: Another champagne. And you miss? More wine?
Screen: She'll have the champagne.
Savvy: Oh, how sweet of you to get champagne for me. Thanks.

The conversation was quite labored though I don't know why. I was tipsy, but lucid. I felt safe with my friends around. And my toes were warm and toasty.
Screen: I'm going to be saying goodnight.
Savvy: Oh, well it was nice meeting you.
Screen: You too, on no, don't get up.
Hmmm, I was just going to give him a hug.

When I woke up the next day I could not remember his name. Wow. He made quite an impression and yet his name eluded me. I also realized that he most likely wouldn't call, wasn't actually with our group as I had believed when I was tipsy. It's just as well. Days later, I haven't received a phone call or even a non-committal text message.

Though I can't remember his name, I dooooo recall that he had issues! So, thanks for NOT contacting me whoever you may be!!


Anonymous said...

>Maybe it was the high heels and >showing a little cleavage...


I thought you were old enough to know: if you want indiscriminate attention from males, wear high heels, show cleavage, and flirt. If you want attention from the kind of guys you really want to connect with, don't do that. Be genuinely friendly and benevolent instead. And show at least a -little- modesty, in all senses of the word!

St. Basil the Great said that Christian women showed greater beauty than pagan Roman women precisely because of their modesty. Master that and you will attract the gems instead of the pests.

SavvyD said...

Seriously Anon, I have met some of the WORST guys when I was the most modestly dressed. Methinks you may be female from your comment. Please read about the guy from the roller rink. I was very modestly dressed that evening. L O S E R

SavvyD said...

L-O-S-E-R meaning him, not you. :)