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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Trouble With A Liberal Church

There are obviously alot of problems with our churches today beyond their treatment of singles. So many different churches believe so many different things. If I go for the more formal/liturgical worship, I am also walking into an environment which has beliefs that I don't agree with.

If I go for a more modern worship service, I am trading the formal structure that makes worship feel like a holy experience with God and often going into a church that, well, might look like a club and make me want a martini. (As I have already experienced in Was That A Church or A Club?)

I would trade that for what I experienced this last Sunday.

I landed a church gig as a paid choral singer at a liturgical church. I was looking forward to giving this a chance. I knew that the choir director is gay. I knew that more than half the choir is gay or lesbian. I honestly don't mind in many ways. Having been a performer, I have always been around gays and lesbians. I am extremely tolerant and loving. To a certain extent I have felt that they are "my people" to minister to.

But let me tell you what I DON'T want to hear from any choir director, anywhere at anytime.

I don't want to overhear a conversation that he/she got back together with an ex and the sex was great.

I don't care if one of people that he was mainly talking to has been a lifelong friend. I don't care that person tried to whisper it--I still heard. I don't care if the person is gay or straight. Not only is it innappropriate for a workplace, it's innapropriate for CHURCH. This person led WORSHIP after making this statement. Not only that, on my first Sunday he told me that we in the choir are leading the congregation in a holy act and that we need to be respectful to reverence the cross, etc. I just told him "I heard what you said and I'm not sure I want to think of you that way." I had to say SOMETHING when it happened so he would know I at least didn't want to hear it. Is it possible that the Holy Spirit convicted him? During communion, I slipped out to go to the bathroom instead of breaking bread with the choir director. Plus, I had to go to the bathroom.

I'm thinking about how I will leave this situation, if I should say anything to the Reverend Mother and when I can accomplish this. I really keep my mouth shut when anyone starts going off about gay issues--something that I haven't heard any choristers go off about in the past largely because there were more volunteers in the choir. But some of the volunteers still might have been shocked. I've heard alot of things, but even I was shocked.

Liberaland Survival Tactic #1
Thou shalt shut thy mouth when one even suspects one might be around liberals.

I don't believe that anyone was ever argued into the Kingdom of Heaven. If you know of someone that was, please do tell us all about it.


L.C.T. said...

Oooh you're right that's a hard situation to be in. I used to sing in my university chapel choir where most of the singers weren't Christians. They were respectful in Chapel most of the time and it's always a great witness. But still. Difficult situation.

Anonymous said...

I've often felt the same way. I find my conservative butt sitting in an Episcopal church wondering why. . . and then there's the music and that awesome liturgy. What to do.

SavvyD said...

I'm soooo glad I'm not alone.

Dawnie said...

personally i'm unable to be fair minded at this time on this topic. I will state that I believe this is against Gods plan for us and that it makes him quite sad. I do believe this is going to be a personal issue between God and the person. I would hesitate to join any church that i overheard this topic on--gay or not..many things were wrong with this...1--sex outside marriage isnt gods will either. and being in Gods house is just a touchy subject when talking about these things. that person obviously needs to figure out where they truly are spiritually because i tell ya--there a mess.

SavvyD said...

Dawnie--we are all hot messes without the grace of God. He realized he was inappropriate without me saying anything. The topic certainly hasn't come up again.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for speaking up and letting others know what is appropriate and what isn't. Being in the heartland, I have the opposite problem. Sometimes churches are not open ENOUGH. I had a gay friend who was asked not to return one time. This was years ago. We now have churches that are gay friendly.
Keep up the good fight of faith. God loves everyone.

SavvyD said...

Wow, they seriously asked him not to come back? OUCH! They might have also done that for a cohabitating couple, though, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I never understood how drinking a beer, or having sex before marriage makes me a bad person.

SavvyD said...

Anon--Did you say BEER? OMG, I looooove beer! I especially love a refreshing Hefeweissen. I have Christian blog friends who also enjoy a nice "barly pop."

It's not a question of premarital sex making you a bad person. It's a matter that sex is meant to be something holy between a husband and wife. Just because it's supposed to be holy and a part of their covenant doesn't mean it can't be HOTTTT!

Anonymous said...

They may have done that for a cohabitating couple, but it's easier to disguise than being gay. Some gay people out themselves with their clothing and speech. This particular guy was a little more straight acting, so I don't know how they knew.
Oh Savvy, do I have stories. One couple was getting married and because they'd decided to have sex or live together (I can't remember the details now) some of their friends wouldn't come to the wedding. Ridiculous. Another woman I knew was single, got pregnant, and wanted to have an infant dedication but the church wouldn't allow it. Also ridiculous. She eventually married the father and had more children. The single mother had problems with just one member of the church staff and I guess he yelled the loudest so that's why she didn't get to dedicate her son. Infant dedication is a precursor to baptism. Evangelicals believe baptism is a personal decision made after accepting Christ. Infants can't do that, therefore no baptism. But they can be dedicated.