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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That Takes Some Nerve

I decided to join a wine tasting group and found myself kicked out. I was both surprised and not surprised. I had a slightly negative experience the first time, and then an even worse experience the next time in which people were openly quite rude.

In some ways, I think I should learn to just not say anything when I don't agree with some people. Not only do they know better than me, obviously, they had the right to ask someone else to email me to kick me out of the group.

My great offense? Everyone started talking about marriage and sex. I chimed in.
Savvy: I just think people have to make a commitment to work things out.
Woman: Well, I know how it is when you want your partner to do something and they won't do it.
Savvy: Well, that's just one of the things that you have to compromise on to make a marriage work.
Woman: Excuse me, but I've been married before and I think I know.
Savvy: I'm just saying...It's true, I've never been married before but I'd like to be someday.

I was also $5 short on my bill and wanted to sit where I could see the jazz band. Then everyone started giving me the cold shoulder. Ironically, no one ELSE offered to give up their seat so that two people could sit together, but since they all knew each other or whatever, I got the blame for being rude.

Some friends of mine from another meetup group, of course wanted to hear all about it. They pride themselves on running a very friendly group and also didn't like the wine group because it didn't seem very welcoming.

I really did want to learn about wine, but not with these people.

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