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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Send Me A Bill

Many moons ago, Bill made a play for me. However, I had never looked at him in the spacial way a woman needs to. It's only normal to want a little spark. It's pretty obvious to me that marriages fail without a little spark. Too much of a spark and the flame burns out of control.

The thing is, Bill is a great guy.

Here are some of his great qualities:
He is protective of me,
He cares about me,
He wants to spend time with me,
He's honest
He's decent

But that's not enough. Yes, Bill made a move on me. He started kissing me when I was still crying over Bass. Bad timing. But it wasn't just bad timing. I met Bill a few months before I met Bass and didn't really feel the interest I should. Plus Bill occaisionally told me about other dates that he had and French kissing them all day. Like I really want to know.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been singing
Come on and marry me, Bill (5th Dimension)
He's my Bill (Showboat)
Billy as long as you love me... (Celine Dion)

While playing pool with some friends, and me being mildly flirtatious--or friendly and fun-loving---whichever you prefer--I could see that Bill is still interested. And so could everyone else. But people also told me another guy who was there also seemed interested in me. (Then again, what do people really know? People have been telling me Bass still acts like he's interested in me.) I wasn't too sure about that guy because he freaked out when I pulled his pen from his nerd pocket a couple of times. Seriously weird. Alright, maybe I was being forward, but it was on his chest and I was just funning around.

Savvy: Come on, would you freak out if a girl you were dating took your pen?
Matty: No, but I'm sure she would have more interesting things to play with.
Savvy: Oh my Gosh!!! Am I red?
Bill: Bright red.
Matty: Wait, as flirtatious as you are, you're getting embarrassed?
Savvy: Do you ever hear me say anything naughty?
Matty: Now that I think of it, no.
Savvy: That's right, I don't. I just want to play limbo with the pool cue, exchange nametags and stuff. Fun, but not naughty. Here's you pen back, I took it again just to prove I could.

Something I always wonder, though, is why guys will think you pulling off their nametag is flirtatious when you did that same thing with a woman. Talk about men being wired differently!!!

In any case, I started walking to my car after pool, and next thing I knew, Bill's arm was around me. (Seems these things always happen at billiards with Bill.)
Bill: So, when are we gonna hang out?
Savvy: Um...I don't know. What did you have in mind? (I want to know.)
Bill: Maybe something where we can meet up in the middle?
Savvy: Sure. Why don't you think of something and give me a call.

He called me, but it was to ask me if I would be at a progressive dinner.

This is what makes some men so easy to ignore.
1. The woman isn't sure she's interested.
2. The man never actually asks for a date.


Tairebabs said...

Bill??? I really need to go and catch up. I have been away for awhile. But talking about guys and women not being sure whether or not they are asking you out, well that happens a lot and I really hate it. But men are men I guess.

SavvyD said...

Bill, Bass, Tall, Astro, India...it's been interesting, please do catch up. :) Youlve been busy. girl!!!

Anonymous said...

A little spark can be fanned into a big flame. No spark, no nothing.