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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is a Recessionista?

I'm a Recessionista. Are you?

There are many important terms being thrown around lately:
Crashing stock market, rising gas prices, increasing anxiety, tight budget, mortgage crisis.

And now a new one: Recessionista --that's a girl who now shops according to a tighter budget. Something that has everything to do with dating, looking fabulous and not breaking the bank.

I've been watching the Tyra show a lot. I shouldn't, but I sort of can't help it since sometimes I don't have a substitute teaching job. I love Tyra because she's so real in so many ways. She doesn't wear "the best" designer clothes though she certainly could with the way she has turned herself into a multimillion dollar machine with two major shows on television. This is the only woman ever who could give Oprah a run for her money. She still dresses with an I'm every woman kind of flair.

The truth is, if you've always had the mindset of a Recessionista, it's not a far fall from the Fashionista you never were. Honestly, I wouldn't have the kind of friends like on Gossip Girl where they sit on the steps to their school and judge what you wear, Are those LAST SEASON'S Tori Burch flats? Forget last season, I'd be wearing last year's that I unapolegetically bought on SALE. This isn't behavior we should EMULATE, if anything, the writers are trying to show how shallow Blair and her friends are.

The recession is no sweat for the recessionista who has always been a bargain fashionista. What does it take?

1. Basic pieces that go with anything.

2. Scarves and accessories can change your look.

3. Shopping in your own closet to be certain of what you do have.

4. Shopping on the bargain racks in the better department stores. You can find some real steals since people just aren't shopping as much.

5. Stay away from the discount places, they aren't as good as they say they are price-wise and one can often find better bargains at the better department stores.

6. Department stores are giving bonuses and incentives for shopping at trunk sales. Macy's recently gave a $50 gift certificate for spending $200 in shoes. They also have a Thanks for Sharing Program again where by making a $25 donation you can get a gift card worth 10% of all your purchases until the end of the year.

7. If you MUST have something brand new without it being on sale, save the receipt and go back to get the price adjusted.

8. Shop in locations with generous return policies so that you can return things that you never wore (within a reasonable amount of time.) Macy's is very good about that with the store credit card.

9. Avoid pushy salespeople that work on commission--especially the shoe department, they are working extra hard. You can avoid conversations like this one:
sales: Better get a pair of those UGG boots while we have them.
Savvy: No thanks.
sales: They're flying off the shelves. They come in lots of colors...
Savvy: Let them fly, then.
sales: Everyone's going to have a pair. You don't want to be left out, do you?
Savvy: Look, I'm trying to be polite. UGG is short for UGG-ly. I wouldn't wear them.
sales: But they're so popular and comfortable. I'll bet you've never even tried them on.
Savvy: UGG-ly. Over-priced. Not-supportive.
sales: People always say how comfortable they are. Give them a cha-ance...
Savvy: Not on you li-ife...
sales: I'm going to get you in them one of these days.
Savvy: I don't know how when I'm never coming back now.

If I really wanted them, I'm sure I could find a hardly-worn pair sitting in a Beverly Hills thrift shop. This leads me to the next item.

10. Go thrift shopping in the wealthy area of town. You might be able to load up on last season's goods for less. Most of us normal people can see the difference between Prada and Dolce when it's on the label, but the rest of us wouldn't know one from the other or which season is which. Some of us just wouldn't be caught dead in the gaudy "haute crapture" (couture) some high -end designers push out. Unless you're making an appearance on TMZ, ask yourself if it's really worth it. However, Tyra and her guests today bragged about fashionable outfits and how little they spent on them like the rest of us mere mortals.

11. Make it a game--do "runway" shows with girlfriends and ask each other, How much? Guess? Bring wine and snacks and make a girls night in. Trade clothes with each other when you are tired of them if you have friends near your size. Video your shenanigans and send it to the Tyra show or put it on you tube. Share your link in my comments.

I hope I've enlightened you about being a fashionista. Don't think of it as just survival, try to have fun with it.

You're the new IT girl, a Recessionista.

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Sara said...

Total recessionista, but I've always been a girl who loves a bargain!

Tairebabs said...

I am a total recessionista! I love fashion but am on a strict budget at the moment. I have to say I love Gossip Girl unfortunately, like you I am sure I wear last summers clothes but I always walk like I am wearing the latest outfits!

SavvyD said...

I just discovered this article has more views than any others, yet people are not commenting on it. It's a 2 year old post and yet it's still totally relevant.