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Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Wear Invisalign (Yep, Savvy Got It)

You're an adult. You date, you have interviews, image matters alot. Invisalign or any other aligning system is the right choice. It's one thing to wear braces as a child or a teen, but as an adult removable clear aligners are the way to go. They often cost less now than other kinds of braces. People hardly notice them, even when I'm smiling.

You may not know, but there are are few other systems besides Invisalign. My system is an accelerated system that I only have to wear for a few months because only the front few teeth are being fixed.

I feel like have to explain that my teeth really weren't that crooked, but there were some increasing problem with my bite. It was/is slightly cosmetic, but I still wanted to have teeth as I age rather than grinding them away on one side because my bite was a little close.

How to wear your aligners:

1. ALWAYS, always, always brush your teeth after wearing them. If you put them in again without brushing, you may develop alot of plaque that will stick to the aligners.

2. Brush the aligners--my dentist said the surfactants in soap were actually the best and that he would brush his teeth with soap if it didn't tast so bad. He gave me a denture brush to really get in there.

3. Ice cream helps when your teeth hurt--just take the aligners out and brush after.

4. Don't drink beer or alcohol with the aligners in. Alchohol breaks down to sugar, sugar meand plaque sticking to your teeth and to your aligners... And giving you the most hideous breath ever in recorded history.

5. Soak them in Efferdent (or some other denture cleaner) to help keep them clean. Plaque will really stick to them.

6. You will have a lisp when you change aligners to the next one. Take advantage of this by saying as many words with the letter S as possible. Call friends. You might be busting up laughing while they wonder what you are on. Heyyy, lisssten... Don't be ssso sseriousss, sssweet ssstuff. Ssssee you around sssixxisssh. Sssending you ssssome kisssesss!!! Not sssso many ssssweet ssssnacksss for me. No sssalsssa, nutsss or sssalty ssstuff...These things aren't restricted, I was just having a good time with s words.

7. Save room for ice cream... Did I say that before? In the first few days after you get new aligners, your teeth will really hurt. Ice cream helps. So does Anbesol and aspirin.---Icccce cream, Anbessssol on the ssssore sssspots, asssspirinsss...

8. As part of your treatment, they will have to create space between your teeth by using a circular drill thingie. They shave off just the outer edge of a few teeth. It really doesn't hurt and it's made flossing much easier. Smells like smoke when they do it, though.

9. Your aligners double as teeth whitening trays. ssssweet!

10. Wear your aligners all the time except when you are eating or brushing your teeth. Seriously. Otherwise, why are you doing it? Some of my dates have thought it was cute to kiss me when I was wearing them. Hey, baby, howsss my sssexxxy lisssp? Give ussss ssssome ssssweet kisssssesss.

11. Remove your aligners to eat--they may break if you don't. People also don't want to see food get stuck in them either. Groooossss!!! The aligners are especially vulnerable to breaking when they are new as they don't quite sit on your teeth yet.

13. You will have to wear a retainer. Wear it. It will just be aligners. Adult teeth take longer to settle into their new place. Many people find that once they abandon their braces, it's easy to opt out of wearing a retainer--especially teen who already think they are unbreakable. Don't give in to the temptation. Many people I know are now watching their teeth slowly misalign again after paying out thousands of dollars and going through the severe pain of many years of treatment. Our teeth continue to move throughout our lives. As we age, the teeth become less stable. People who had perfect teeth and never wore braces may have misaligned teeth in middle or old age--if they have teeth. I intend to do both--have teeth and wear those aligner retainers.

14. Lastly, investigate options that may cost less than the brand name Invisalign;. My aligners are from another company and have ended up being half the amount. There was no way I could afford Invisalign. A good dentist will steer you in the right direction, not just try to make a sale. Look into Red, White, Blue, "Invisalign Express", NuBrace from Smile 90210, and Simpli5 (what I'm wearing). I give you a research link below.

15. The right dentist office will also make it affordable. My dentist isn't charging me any interest and is accepting payments over time. Yippee!! I'm set.
Are you???

And now, in honor of my alignerssss, thisss websssite is:

Ssssssavy Sssssingle Chrisssstian
(who needsss sssssome assspirinsss for her painsss becaussse ssshe got new alignersss today. It hurtssss!!)
Thissss wassss posssted by the Sssssavvy Ssssingle Herssself!!!

Nifty article that explains things. Dental Angle
Another nifty article Clear Braces
My systems is actually considered accelerated orthodontics. My last dentist refused to do aligners on me but the other issues she wanted to fix, however, were farther back in my mouth and ones that no one could see. There was no way I was going to be in regular braces. She thought she could convince me by saying Invisalign would take up to two years and regular braces would take one. But I knew there had to be something else out there, so I stuck to my guns and did some research. In the end, she lost my business. Actually, that's fine with me because I laugh so hard when I visit my current dentist. We sang that dentist song from Little Shop of Horrors together.

If you are looking for more information, please do Savvy Searching at the top of the page. :)


The Learner said...

Why do they need to create a space between your teeth?

SavvyD said...

My teeth are crowded in the front, so that's what they do in order to create space. Now that they've done it, though, one of my teeth looks a little bit small.

It's all so interesting.

Good God do my teeth ever hurt like hell today.

SavvyD said...

1. Be careful about the ice cream. I've been feeling a bit sick from all the ice cream I ate.

2. Alleve is much better at curtailing the pain.

Invisalign Atlanta said...

As for number one in your post - totally you've got to brush you
your teeth.

Like the post thanks.

gatita said...

This is my second day of wearing my first aligner... wow... what pain! I'm going to definitely try the ice-cream suggestion cuz I'm pretty miserable right now.

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