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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wives Are Psychic

Wives seem to have an uncanny power to know what their husbands are thinking. It's uncanny! Or is it? I was driving through Sonoma County wine country with my cousin Lil, her husband KC and their adorable baby girl. Soft acoustic music played on the radio.

Sav: Hey, what's this music? I like it.
KC: It's baby music.
Sav: Really? Gosh, I hope you don't mind that I'm totally singing along.
Lil: Nope not at all.
Sav: It's just so catchy! Pussycat, pussycat where have you been?

We sang along in parts on one of the songs. Lil was charmingly off key at times, but most of the time she did well. The baby was happy and tried to sing along. KC was very quiet.

Lil: I'll bet I know what your thinking, KC. Do you feel like a total chump?
Sav: Yeah, like, you used to be so sexy driving your car with the stereo cranked up with Metallica or whatever,
Lil: And now you drive a hand-me-down car, listening to baby music, feeling like a chump.
Sav: And your wife used to be totally hot.
Lil: Hey!! I have my pre-baby body mostly back.
KC: My wife is still sexy. In fact, she's sexier.
Lil: Thank you, honey.
Sav: Yeah, it's true. And you're my favorite cousin. (I tell whichever cousin is most sensitive that she's the favorite. It covers a variety of social faux pas! But, Lil, I swear, you are my favorite now since you are reading the blog!)
KC: Actually, I wasn't thinking very much. I was thinking how tired I was and how much I wanted some coffee. The only time I feel like a chump is when I'm sitting in traffic.
Lil: Oh, yeah, traffic sucks.
Sav: Yeah, traffic sucks... Do you think the baby would like Metallica better than this baby CD?
KC: I think she really might.

We all laughed. I imagine singing baby-style versions of heavy metal classics. It's almost as good as singing opera versions of inane disco hits. So, he doesn't feel like a chump. That's good.

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