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Friday, August 22, 2008

Was That A Church Or A Club?

Hello ---------,

I attended the event. Was that a church or a club? I would have appreciated a warning about their superloud worship "music" which incidentally made me long to listen to The Doors or The Who. If I'm going to be screamed at, please make it angsty. We had a SHOW complete with flashing lights, smoke machines and fans blowing the hanging fabric behind the stage. It made me want to order a martini--something I have no objection to, but I have never felt that way at a church. Quite a few people left because they most likely took objection to the same things. I went to my car to get my earplugs--something else that reminded me of going to clubs--until the "music" subsided. The message was OK, but I would have appreciated getting a nice email with the idea that God is like a mosaic artist who takes the broken pieces and makes a beautiful painting. Or that Michaelangelo could not see the whole of his work on the Sistine Chapel until he was done. I drove quite far and was both disappointed and annoyed.

On the plus side, I met an older gentleman (outside my age range) who may come and see me sing at a jazz club--because if I'm going to feel like I'm at a club, I'd like it to be a jazz club where I actually CAN order a martini or a Corona and really enjoy real music. He works in the entertainment industry and we were in complete agreement about the show.

They want to reach singles, but I can assure you, this didn't reach me. It's unfortunate because I am really longing for Christian friendships to replace the party crowd I have fallen in with.

I suppose it's hard to know what it's going to be all about when you get an email to pass on. You wouldn't happen to have any guys in their 30s--Christians who are slightly cynical, into jazz who maybe wear black turtlenecks with glasses and a goatee or a soulpatch? We're pretty snobbish about our music. No? Well, I was hoping.




SavvyD said...

From the woman who sent the email:
I have been walking with God, and in Ministry for over 27 years, and I have never grown as much and found so much love in one Church as I have with xxxx.

We have people coming weekly from San Diego to Santa Barbara . I invited a man from Florida (a Pastor of a Baptist Church ) last night and he saw what a gift our Church is.

A lot of Churches now are changing their stages to look more up to date to bring in younger people so the Church will not die out as it has been with Denominational Churches. I have seen this all around Southern California in the last few years as I have traveled as a Singles Minister. If we can have such beautiful stages in the world to attract people then why should we as believers have the same, however as you know the message is different in the Church.

Last night it was darker in the Church then usual, because it was a special event. Sunday services are a bit different and we have all ages coming to the Church. Even the senior Citizens enjoy the worship and love the message. Many people in Ministry visit our Church weekly as they get a deep and fulfilling message and are blown away at what God is doing in your Church.

This was the first event for the Singles and its just going to get better as people bond together and we prepare ourselves for the Ministry God has for each and every person.

We are all called to something and it’s our job to help each person find what their gift is and use it for Gods glory.

The new Group was not intended to be a place JUST to meet people, however last night many people connected in what we call divine appointments, right in front of our eyes.

Please feel free to visit us on a Sunday to see the difference. Maybe God is calling you to this Church for fellowship and growth and Satan wants to hold you back.

Our Pastor always says, give us 3 tries and if you’re not lead to stay then find a place where God wants you.

We have so many people that drive weekly who attend our Church and maybe we can find you someone to car pool with so you don’t have to come alone.

SavvyD said...

I want to have a sacred uplifting experience. I didn't.

Is it the stage and the trappings that interest people? I've heard that the trend is going toward traaditional worship again.

But then that's hearsay.

Anonymous said...

I worked in an organization that served ALL CHURCHES, DENOMINATIONS, AND FAITHS for 4 hours. The impact was so remarkable I decided to write a book about my experiences. Hence the name of my blog, "When Ugly Was In". Many of the anecdotes and experiences were taken from the 24,000 members for whom we served.

Religion is not for everybody, but for those who want it. If your faith gives you comfort, I applaud you. But after four years of witnessing some of the most gross hypocrisy, I have decided to leave religion to those who need it most.

Anonymous said...

Savvyd, you have a great blog site, and you write with humor and clarity. I can see why people think you're funny. The picture posted with Kermit says it all! Have you thought about the writer's market? Check out some of the links on my site. Especially "My Blog List". Your style reminds me of "Bridget Jones Diary." A lot of women would enjoy dating as a Christian Single in America. Go for it! I think I hear the Oprah Book Club calling!!!!

BC Ministries said...

You are quite right in questioning the atmosphere that you entered, A.W.Tozer said it best
"the church has sprung a leak and the world is leaking in"

God tells us to test the spirits of those teaching and any new teachings I am glad you felt the spirit guide you into questioning

Read my article on New Age Teachings

BC Ministries

SavvyD said...

That link that BC ministries left was def like wow! Seriously have a read of it. I will always trust my discernment. Now I really want a drink!! Just kidding.

We have a drive to be constantly entertained an churches have tried to entertain since the days of passion plays, soon there will be a reactionary movement against this as has always been the way of things. I felt so uncomfortable.

BC Ministries said...

Thank you Savvyd, you mentioned in your original post that you heard the church was going back to "traditional " worship, and your right that has been said but words no longer mean the same thing, I am currently working on an article The New Age Traditional Church, in which I show the coming so called traditions. Everything is changing.
By the way the link for some reason changed it is now

In HIS service
BC Ministries

Cephas said...

Hey Savvy, thanks for stopping by my blog. The jazz band is on hold for now. 2/3 of the members moved an hour away. I miss playing and know that you must really enjoy your involvement with jazz too.

Anonymous said...

Hey thankyou for reading my blog, this exerpeince of yours closely mirrors my own. While my focus remains on the more modernized churches reaching their audience via any way possible, I do know that the more antique practices are still in existance as I have visited a few whom still keep them.
However I do not deal much in them for the sole fact that they normally do not garner as many followers as the modern day ones whom are more apt to have the methods and influence to have their message widespread.
Which intern means issues for me, as many a message is in the voice of harmful discrimintation against other religions. Keep in mind I mean these 'club like' churches and not the antique ones.
I like your blog, please verify some of your sources for information so I can check them out myself. Which could save me hours cross refferncing things i find on the internet against the various Bibles scattered around my house.
thanks again,
Texas Atheist Teen