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Friday, August 15, 2008

My Life Decaffeinated

I can't believe how much coffee we all drink. Java, joe, joy juice, lead, espresso, hojo, mocha, latte, jamoke, caffeine, mud, murk. People use a Starbucks cup as a prop. They wake up and drive to get Starbucks before they go to work. Do people even know how to make coffee anymore? Do I even really need this stuff?

Blow number one came when I realized that I was making a dent in my savings with every large Ice Blended Mocha I bought. $4.70 each for a large--I always get a large. If I get 2 a week for 50 weeks out of the year, I've spent a whopping $470 on coffee alone. That's crazy! I have nothing to show for that money, but Coffee Bean does! You can bet they took that money, invested it wisely and increased their profits and portfolio. It's disgusting--not for them, but for me!

What if I took that coffee money and gave it to a charity? How many meals, medicines and books could it buy? How many lives could it change?

What if I tithed it to my church? How long can a missionary live on that? What could that money do to help?

I thought about resisting the caffeine beast, but all I can think about is that I haven't had my morning coffee. I'm giving in--but I'm making it myself.

Our coffee obsession has trickled down to youger and younger ages. High school students used to go out for malteds, now they go out for coffee. I've never seen high school kids walking around with Starbucks cups or declaring they really need coffee to get going in the morning. I don't remember ever needing anything like that in high school, but then I didn't have a computer or a television in my room. I wasn't allowed. Some of these kids are staying up late to watch TV and IM or text into the wee hours. When I was in high school, my parents would have heard me talking on the phone.

If I start adding all the money I've spent to buy diet coke on top of that, it's enough to make me mourn the fact that I might have been able to pay off my student loans with that.

What's the real cost of our purchases? It's time I introduced you to My Money Blog. It's a blog about wise investing and spending. This True Cost calculator is something else. Have fun seeing how much you morning java is really worth.

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