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Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's in His Kiss

If you want to know
if he loves you so,
it's in his kiss!!
That's where it is!

There are so many variations of kisses!! Peaches, prunes, plums and alfalfa.
You need a mirror for this.

Peaches. That's a nice little peck--sweet, chaste and mostly innocent. This is great for a first kiss--either on the lips or on the cheek. It's a very versatile kiss often used for foreheads, European style cheek kisses, and relative kisses. Say peaches and that's the shape of your mouth.

Prunes. Slightly open mouth kissing with lots of lip action. This can be sweet or slightly naughty. Trombone, tuba and other brass players excel at this kind of kissing because they use their lips so much for playing their instrument. The one trombone player that I kissed was truly unforgettable.

Plums. You need just a little tongue to say l, and just a little tongue for a plum kiss. Again, yeah for the brass players!!

Alfalfa. Really say those ls in alfalfa and you get the idea. Also known as French kissing. But there are even different kinds of alfalfa. There's the vacuum cleaner alfalfa--sometimes so powerful you think your tongue might be Hoovered out of your mouth. I dated a guy who had played clarinet--any instumental player who has done any tonguing will be sure to be quite an interesting kisser since that person has to use their tongue so much to play.. Sometimes the alfalfa kiss is gentle, sweet and searching yet powerful in its effect on you--especially if someone has teased you with all the other kinds of kisses.

The most talented kisser will employ many different kinds of kisses. So far it is rare to find someone who does that, but I haven't forgotten the one who did--yes, that trombone player. Most others have gone straight for the alfalfa kiss. Not bad, but there's so much in between to savor.

And for those of you naysayers and those who say it isn't Christian to be kissing so much, please know that my view is supported by a Christian author who says:

A kiss is not a weapon, it's a gift. A kiss at the right time makes a woman feel special. In fact if you don't kiss her, she might become confused and discouraged. She'll think you don't like her!...Look at it as an act of commitment. Yes, you can tell her, but, but there's something about a kiss that's powerful. What Women Wish You Knew About Daitng--A Single Guy's Guide to Romantic Relationships. Stephen W.
Simpson, PhD (Fuller Theological Semindary)


The Learner said...

Completely off subject...Savvy, Did you know that you are the author of one of the top 100 christian relationship blogs according to these guys: http://www.10bestchristiandatingservices.com/blog/2008/07/top-100-christian-relationship-blogs/

Congratulations! ;)

SavvyD said...

I seriously had no idea!!!!!!!!!!!
That's suuuuuper cool!!

Will said...

Sending you peaches...or, is that a peach?....

peach-peach-peach..(what the heck)..

have another.."Peach"

~x~ Will

Anonymous said...

You need another category. I went out with a guy over the weekend who was a bad kisser. His lips were too wide apart and his teeth were too close together. I kept running into his teeth with my tongue and my mouth. I shouldn't even know you have teeth. Then I had to keep wiping off my chin. BAD BAD BAD!!!

SavvyD said...

OMG, there are so many kinds of bad kisses it's incredible. But thanks for the tip. That would be a funny one!!