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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guilty as Charged

I don't know why it seems that one man eventually leads to another. I have men practically coming out my ears and some days I don't know why. It's really weird. And sometimes being rejected is a gift, as it was with one of my ex-dates that I ran into.

I went line dancing with some people from meetup.com. I knew one or two and then met new friends. Suddenly, I was struck by a little jolt. I know that guy from somewhere and I just can't place him...oh, I went out with him once... I started laughing. I know I'm over this one...he told me I was too fat...what's his name...I can't remember. (Return of the One Date Wonder) Chris as in Christoher!

The girls started telling me that he's very exacting and tells them every step they are doing wrong as they dance the Texas two-step. He's short. And he's not as good of a dancer as he thinks he is, they complained. What a jerk. Then we reviewed parts of his story...it was hard for him to hang onto a relationship because he kept moving around when he was in the Coast Guard. Ummm, really? It couldn't be that he was a little jerkish, could it? They also revealed that he was always talking about how Christian he was, but what he said to me didn't sound very Christian to them. He did put it a little more delicately than that, but the gist was the same. They felt relieved it wasn't just them who had misgivings about this guy.

I didn't say anything to him.
He didn't say anything to me.
But I know he saw me because I two-stepped at the same time as he did.
He only asks the prettiest and thinnest girls to dance.
He only dances with partners--no lines.
He's short.

I went outside to get some air and, wouldn't you know it? I met a man. He came outside for a smole and I don't, but just started talking with him. I don't think I flirted really--not over the top. I'm just friendly and ask leading questions. I listen intently. Guys like that.

I can see myself having coffee with him, but not a serious relationship since he said he's filing for divorce on Monday. He's attractive in a big bear cuddly kind of way that makes me want to sit on his lap. What's the big deal? Coffee. A nice time and a chance to get to know someone. We've texted a little, but that's it. I'm just having fun. It's easy when I'm not very attached.

Where's the guilt?
Chris is guilty for being a jerk.
I'm guilty of... flirting?
Funny, I don't feel very guilty.

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