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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Age Testing for Olympians

There's a test for everything--blood doping, drugs--illegal drugs and legal drugs that Olympians aren't allowed to use. Can they even drink coffee? Just wondering. It's important to keep the sports pure, even though they have become infested with commercialism. Age testing is definitely next.

Bringing Tiny Back. It's not that those Chinese girls are little, it's just that they're so little. Having taught middle school, those girls would fit right in. Some of them even seem like 5th graders. That's a far cry from 16. Mary Lou Retton looked older at 14 than they do at alleged 16.

It's possible, but barely. Shawn Johnson is a very tiny 16, but it's easy to prove that she's actually 16. There are school enrollment records with photgraphic evidence to back that up as well. Perhaps that's what all should be required to provide from their first gymnastics competitions. A definition of possible is that it may or may not be true.

Not even plausible. The technical definition is that it seems true, but isn't. Does it even seem true that these some of these Chinese girls are 16?

Back to age testing: Since we are assuming dishonesty in terms of substances, it would be safe to assume that some are fabricating their ages. Some. Athletes blood samples stay on file for 8 years in the even that a test or drug is discovered later. It makes sense. Asians do have a tenancy to look younger. I had two Korean friends in college who looked like they were still in high school.

Sour grapes? Is it wrong to question athletic accomplishments? Other athletes have been accused of using banned substances in their training and stripped of medals. If it were discovered that ages had been falsified, the Chinese gymnastics team would be stripped of the team medal--unfortunate for those who actually ARE 16. Individual medals would be stripped only from those who were proven to be underage. It would be one of the biggest medal strippings in Olympic history.

Possiblity, plausibility and tiny women from totalitarian regimes that hire cute actresses to lipsync to incredible singing in Olympic opening ceremonies. Hmmm. Alot to think about until they come up with an age test.

Here are some pics from Getty:


Romanians -- Bronze

Chinese -- Gold

Being gracious to each other. There are no sore losers.

And one more thing NBC's coverage kinda sucks. They're so worried about setting up "awesome" camera angles, showing underwater shots in slow motion, excessive talking, lame interviews and sideline reactions that they forgot to cover the Romanians at all. Now I love swimming, but what's up with that? This is supposed to be sports not TMZ. Sports is being paparazzized.

Can't seem to get their ages straight in the press. They pulled a story that listed He Kexin as 13. Hmmm...Read all about it!


Anonymous said...

Of course, how is it possible for the Chinese to beat Americans. They must be cheating with under-age kids. Gee, I wonder why there are no solid proof that shows they are under-age? Now all of a sudden, everyone is an age-expert. It's just not possible for the Chinese to be actually BETTER than the Ameircans can it? If they win, they must be cheating. (In case you don't know, I'm being sarcastic by the way.)

SavvyD said...

Yeah, but they just might be cheating and are now in a position where they must prove the truthfulness of their claims. Their reaction keeps people sniffing around. And if they find something, medals will be stripped--right fully so--and athletes will be sanctioned. Can anyone say Marion Jones?