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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Walking Tall

I ran into Tall at one of our happy hours. He chatted away with two women and I figured he wouldn't want to be bothered, but he did want to be bothered. I don't really mind seeing him, I just didn't expect he wanted so much attention from me when I ran into him again.

Tall: Hi savvy, hi. Oh fine, be that way, don't say hi.
Savvy: I did say hi. I waved to you from across the room, didn't I?
Tall: Oh fine, yes you did.

Really, what did he want?? He doesn't want to date me. As the crowd thinned, he remained. He still wanted to be around me. Maybe he genuinely did care for me, but just did a bad job of showing it. I'm still not going back. He made it clear that he wants a girl who will put out. Maybe that's when he started realizing that he's missing out on someone really great.

He walked me to my car.
Tall: I'm sorry I didn't call you. I got really overwhelmed with work.
Savvy: Overwhelmed with work?
Tall: Yes. My boss wasn't as helpful as he could have been and I was swamped.
Savvy: Happens.
Tall: I was really glad to be out of the office with alot of meeting today.
Savvy: Lucky you. Nice suit. Oh my god, please tell me my car hasn't been hit!!

I panicked, but it was just a weird reflection.

Tall: You still haven't washed your car.

Gee. So what? I have my reasons and issues right now--chronic migraines. No place to put my classroom stuff. Still feeling sentimental about the '08 a senior painted on my car. Plus it rained recently.

Savvy: Ok, well, goodnight.
Tall: Goodnight.

As I gave him a quick side hug, he kissed the top of my head. It was kind of sweet. So it made me think he finds me cute and endearing or charming and enchanting even though he doesn't want to date me. It's OK. I don't want to date him either. We're on opposite sides of the slutty spectrum, opposite sides of the political spectrum and opposite side of the religion spectrum. It's just a non-workable situation. But if he can be respectful and find me cute and charming, I suppose we'll get along well enough.


do you think you have it? said...

hi! I just wanted to let you know that I read a few of your posts and I really enjoy your blog :). I'm also a young, single girl, and while I may not be as good of a Christian as you, I am very close with God. I'll definitely keep reading!

Jane said...

Guys...they want the slutty fast ones now, but by the time their ready to settle down, the slutty fast ones will be left...ergo, they end up on Jerry or Maury haha

I gotta new blog, swing by and tell me what you think.


Amir Larijani said...

Jane: That's pretty low of you to make a blanket statement like that about guys.

Of course, after reading your blogs, I get the impression that you are exactly what you think the guys want, and you are in reality just a step away from ending up on Jerry or Maury. haha

Even if you were in my age bracket--I'm almost twice your age--I'd want nothing to do with you. haha