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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ticket to Ride

It was the first day of the cell phone law in California. And sho nuff, I got a ticket--but not for using my cell phone. For running a red light--but I DIDN'T do what the cop thinks he saw!!!

Lights behind me and a familiar whoo from the car. Seriously, what could I have done? I saw the guy when I was making my left turn. Is it now illegal to eat In-n-Out while driving? I took another bite of my burger while I waited for Officer Krupke to approach me.

Savvy: Hello, what can I do to help you?
Krupke: You just ran a red light. I need you license and registration.
Savvy: The light was yellow.
Krupke: Did you see all those cars stopped? That's because the light was red.
Savvy: The turn signal was yellow.
Krupke: That was for the left turn lane.
Savvy: So, you're telling me there was no right turn signal?
Krupke: That's correct.
Savvy: Well, that's not what I saw. I'm not going to argue with you, I'll see you in court. I know what I saw.
Krupke: Oh... You can enter a plea of not guilty at court.

He wandered back to his car. I casually finished my burger. I should have told him to go look at the light, but I didn't want to argue. I had already been argumentative enough. There really is a right turn signal and he just didn't see it. I even thought about just driving off. Whatever. They expect them to write lots of tickets when they pass a new law. He brought the ticket and my license and registration.

Savvy: I just want you to know that I have 0 points on my record.
Krupke: Have a nice day, ma'am
Savvy: You too. See you in court!

And Gee, Officer Krupke, Krup you!

(Officer Krupke is a character in West Side Story.)

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ArmieBrat96 said...

i like this blog and i am also soooo happy Georgia do not have them laws...