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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pitfalls of Indian Matrimonial Ads

When those Indian guys are on the matrimonial websites, they are seriously rarin' to go!! No pussyfooting around like American guys. I get more bites than match.com. First off, I specifically say I want to communicate with someone who is at least a legal resident already over here in the US and a Christian. What's with the Sikh guys who live in Godknowswheri, India writing to me? I guess they look at my picture and are so stunned that they can't read suddenly.

Seriously, I'm starting to wonder what I was thinking when I put an ad up.

One of my first responses was from a nice-sounding guy in Godknowswheri who works for some animal rights organization. The irony of that in largely vegetarian India is sort of amusing now that I think of it... I felt like writing back and saying:
I am American and date Americans. I am a Christian who wants to date Christians. May I suggest sikhsingles.com?

This isn't working out so well. I mean they're all doctors, lawyers and IT professionals, but I find myself wanting to suggest or invent new dating websites:

muslim-singles.com (I think that actually exists.)

Then I'd love to invent for myself--
jazz-matrimonials.com, for the jazz lover ready for a relationship.

There have to be some nice Christian guys in my home state, come on! But then, it is only my first day with a picture.

Sumati D