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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Trace of Bass

We can't figure out where Bass went. He just disappeared this month without saying anything to any of us. His band is off and this was supposed to be the month he spent with me. Where could he be? I was talking about it with Jonas last night and Bill always wants to talk about Bass with me. I finally told Bill to stop.

A few times I had told Bill that I thought someone should kick Bass's ass. But when Bill told me he had confronted Bass, it really didn't sit all that well with me. Then he wanted to talk about Bass in front of Swing. How embarrassing. I finally called Bill and told him not to say anything else to Bass about me. Confronting him won't help whatever is wrong.

Jonas called me last night. I just realized that Jonas was witness to everything that happened and he does to, so we talked about it. The whole situation was soooo public. Jonas had a comment that proved interesting, though I do feel like I'm getting over it.

Jonas: So when did you guys get together, that night we all went bowling and then went to Q?
Savvy: Yeah, we had our first date the next night after some of went to the botanical garden. I had a really nice time with him, we talked alot. I had no idea he was so quiet because he wasn't like that when I met him.
Jonas: It seemed like you guys really liked each other from what I saw.
Savvy: Seriously, he could really talk to me. Everyone's been reporting something or another back to me because people know what happened. I know he's gone out with people and not said a word to them hardly. But he could talk to me. Why would you throw that away?
Jonas: I have no idea. I know I wouldn't.
Savvy: I thought our next conversation was going to be him asking me to be his girlfriend not him showing up with that Canadian girl. I had just been in a car accident and I was taking alot of meds. All this had just happened before the wine dinner. Someone started me off by giving me a glass of wine before we even started.
Jonas: Haha no wonder!
Savvy: I was so drunk.
Jonas: You were beyond drunk. I've never seen anyone quite like that.
Savvy: I was already loopy the day before on the beach bike ride taking all those muscle relaxers. You stuck around just for the entertainment value, and there was Bass, drunk with me.
Jonas: No, Albert and I were talking about everyone there and if we liked any of the girls.
Savvy: I was so uncomfortable with him there at volleyball. That was the first time I saw him. Danielle told me he was watching me the whole time.
Jonas: I had my eye on him to. Are you kidding? He's definitely still interested in you from the way he was watching you. Whether or not he knows what to do about it is another story.
Savvy: I think he feels bad because he's probably not even with her anymore. Who knows though. I almost wonder if he met her when his bad was in Nevada. I don't think this is typical for him, maybe he thought a whole new world was opening up for him and he wasn't going to be shy anymore so with her being in the US, he went for it.
Jonas: It seems that way.
Savvy: Oh well, I'm supposed to go out with Swing.
Jonas: Really? Are you serious? Wait that didn't come out right. I mean, that's great. I'm sorry!!
Savvy: Haha. No worries. You're just jealous cause I date more than you.
Jonas: No, that's great. I just, well, it's been really hard to find someone. And the most recent girl didn't work out to well. I'm gald someone is dating.
Savvy: Well, don't feel bad, there are people who seemed to like me more when I wasn't dating anyone. I keep meeting people when I have just broken up with someone. I met Bass when I had just broken up with someone, then I dated someone right after Bass, and then someone else and a few others here and there where it was just one date, and now Swing. The main problem I have is they want to move things along faster than I am ready to.
Jonas: Good for you.
Savvy: Bit the real question is, where's Bass now? He just disappeared.
Jonas: None of us has any idea. Alright, well I'm at the restaurant now.
Savvy: Try and have fun. They have killer bread.
Jonas: I better have fun.
Savvy: And give Kimmy a big hug for me.
Jonas: Don't worry. Noooo problem.
Savvy: She's a hotty, huh?
Jonas: At volleyball I had to work hard not to stare at her.
Savvy: That's what I love about you. You're so honest.

Someone asked me why I haven't dated Jonas. Well, he does swear alot, but other than that, he's been witness to each and every shining moment with Bass. He wasn't there for Bass showing up with the Canadian girl, but I think he might have had a thing or two to say to him if he had been. Now Jonas is surprised that I'm going out with Swing tomorrow night. Well, that's how it is with me these days.

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