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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Indian Style (Matrimonial Courtship)

And you thought finding a mate was an exclusively American problem. Some guys really are out there looking for a decent mate, some of them are Indian. I watched a dear friend of mine go through some torture when her mother was trying to find a match for her Indian style--though Matrimonial websites. Her mother even wanted me to get on there so she could help me by arranging a match.

I met one of my friend's potential matches. I'm afraid I didn't really understand the situation. He was staying there for a week over the holidays and that made me think he was a family friend. Oops!! It turns out that's the old fashioned way of doing things. It's a supervised, arranged courstship visit. It's just that, it's so un-American. It's the antithesis of our ideas of romance and freedom of choice.

You say you want to be courted or to court someone--what if you didn't get to choose at all? Luckily, my friend had an out. She didn't have to marry any of the guys she met. She said none of them were her type. Though she's 4'11, she confided, I want to marry a really tall guy--six feet. I don't like Indian guys. I want to marry an American guy.

So far neither of us have been very lucky in love. She had a boyfriend she really liked. But he was from a different tribe in her home country. Her parents were angry. How could you when you know what those people did to our people? She neglected her studies. She dropped from the honorable top of her class to a position lacking distinction. With her scholarship in danger and her family angry with her, she then dropped him.

Why does love have to be so complicated? Why does it have to be so hard? I'm still wondering if I should try one of these matrimonial websites. I like Indian culture, Indian food, rice, and there are Indian Christians. Maybe it's worth a shot since they approach marriage a little more seriously than the average American.

I wonder what my Indian name would be?
Keshini means one with beautiful hair.
Tara means star. Betcha didn't know that was Indian.
Mallika means queen. That's nice.
Sangita means music. I love music.
Suchita means beautiful. I like that.
Supriya means beloved. Since I would be getting married, that makes sense.
Sweta mean fair complexioned. I work pretty hard at staying that way.
Tusti means happiness--I wonder if that's where the city name Tustin comes from.
Sumati means good minded--if that's like savvy, that works.

The real question is, do I like curry enough?

shanti and priti (peace and love),
Sumati D

I know what this article will do Google Adsense and that makes it pretty funny too!

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Amir Larijani said...

I would not rule out an arranged marriage. The only problem is my heritage is Iranian, and Christians represent one tenth of one percent of all Iranians. And my dad's side of the family is Muslim.

Immigration issues would also be quite dicey as a result of our national conflict with Iran.

SavvyD said...

Go for the matrimonial website then, there are Christians on it...I did a little search. There are some very beautiful Indian Christian girls who would be glad to have an American husband to submit to---just watch out that it doesn't turn out like your Bravo who got dumped by the Mexican girl!!!

Amir Larijani said...

Savvy: Perhaps you misunderstood: Bravo Lima's first wife--the one who dumped him--was AMERICAN.

He recently remarried, and this time he married a MEXICAN.

What part of that is hard for you to comprehend?

SavvyD said...

Up until this point Amir had not made it clear that there were two different wives.

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SavvyD said...

Follow your heart people. I did not have any luck with a matrimonial website. Just like any website, there are going to be strange people and good people. you have to be discerning.

SEO Moz said...

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