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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love India!!

Sumati D is giving an Indian matrimonial website a try. Why not? As I said before, there are lots of Indian Christians. Plus, I like Indian food and Indian culture. Heck, I even like curry. I am discovering some interesting new things about Indian culture. Trust me, the interest in India is nothing new with me. I'm ready to go with this!

I keep watching Namaste America--an Indian TV show on Saturdays. I love it. The cheesy Bollywood singing, dancing and love stuff is fun.

I enjoy Indian music--the Beatles were heavily influenced by it on their later albums with George Harrison playing the sitar on many. OK, trancedantal mediation and LSD also influenced the Beatles, but I still love the music.

I studied belly dance with Veena and Neena, Indian twins. OK, I studied with a VCR, not a class, but I feel so close to them!

I dig yoga. It's very relaxing. Alright, I do it at the gym. I had some guy freaking out saying that he didn't think Christians should do yoga. But we learned from the Bible that prayer is an attitude of the mind, not a position of the body. I'll contort away. I'm not very good at it.

I used to attend a Hindu/Christian mixed "church" called the Self-Realization Fellowship. I know what you're all going to say. I know, I know, I know. I was already away from the Lord and I was dating this guy... Need I say more? I met some very beautiful, deeply spiritual people with strong morals. But the theology is totally whacked out. Plus I was really bad at meditating. Once one of the leaders talked about humans eveolving or reincarnating from a mineral state I declared two things:
1. You have got to be kidding me.
2. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

During my SRF days I tried to read the Vedas--interesting. And learned some of the history about India and Indian classical dance. I even devised resetting Mozart's Magic Flute in India. India is considered to be a magical country, so I thought the magical elements would lend themselves well to it. That and blue skin for the holy characters. OK, I admit I mainly looked at the pictures in the Vedas, but I tried. I would have done better with a children's storybook version or something.

I love some India-related movies. Monsoon Wedding, Bend it Like Beckham, A Passage to India, Ghandi, The Secret Garden--where everyone died of cholera or something. Typhoid?

I love that Indian opera Lakme. OK, it's really a French opera set in India about an Indian princess who kills herself, but they all stand around singing in Saris.

I have a Sri Lankan friend and I know that Sri Lankans consider themselves to be a bit seperate from the rest of India. I know alot about Sri Lanka since Duran Duran filmed a bunch of videos down there.

Indians have strong morals and old fashioned values. I think that's great. Of course I have heard that if your husband isn't happy with the dowry offered for you, he can shove you into an oven. If I'm a feminist for being against that, then go ahead and call me one.

Indians typically are hardworking and educational acheivers. Though, my friend's sister is living with her high school educated boyfriend and she just graduated from dental school. Her family isn't exactly pleased. They feel like they could have arranged a better match.

With my fair skin I will be highly prized. Ponds in India just released a mini series of 5 commercials with Bollywood actors Priyanka Chopra , Saif Ali Khan , and Neha Dhupia (who I've seen on Namaste America) It's a love story where the man rejected the woman because he found someone fairer. Then she used Ponds White Beautywith the taglines, Love's Helping Hand and 7 days to love. Next thing you know, they are getting married. The same story was simultaneously filmed with Chinese actors. I feel guilty, but I work hard to stay so fair. It takes commitment and dedication to wear hats, sunscreen and arrive at the beach so late. It makes me wonder why so many Caucasians work so hard to get a tan. Catch it on You Tube. I think the Indian actors are better, but I'm biased.

I've learned alot about how to speak better English from reading Melvin Durai's column--
Chilling out with a new language
Indian English: It vill be wery helpful, yaar!

I have a Sari. I have also worn a salwar kameez and know the difference. Doesn't everyone? I have a couple of bindis lying around waiting to be worn to go with the sari.

I have a half-Indian friend from when I lived in New York. Sometimes he would go native on the Indian side and wear a piyama around the house or really fancy ones that had a matching fez type hat when he had friends over. Sometimes he would go native New York wearing a well-matched suit, tie, hat and shoes with a scarf. I relished the confusion of never knowing what I was going to get as we sat around and smoked hookah. Oh, his other half was Jewish.

In any case, this Saturday, just as practice for my future Indian Christian husband, I'm going to workout with Neena and Veena, maybe hit the gym for a yoga class. After, I'm going to watch Namaste America wearing my sari and bindi while cooking then eating curried something or other. I'm going to give my friend who is doing her residency a call and chat about Indian doctor guys she might be liking (and if there's one for me), catch up with my Indian Jewish friend, read Melvin Durai's blog, let my friend's mom poke around on the Indian matrimonial site for me, rent the latest Bollywood film and go to a hookah bar near here to read some great Indian liturature of which I can't think of any, but something will come to me. I might call a customer service line late at night just to guarantee that I will talk to someone in India while I burn Nag Champa incense and have rose-flavored tapioca for desert. It vill be a wery grreat day, no?

Sumati D

bridal sari, kurta piyama, smoking hookah, shalwar kameeze


Jane said...

Wow, now you have me hooked on learning more about this facinating culture. It's cool you exercise your mind to learn more about the world and other cultures. If it's not on TMZ or the Soup, most people probably won't care.

The Learner said...

Hi Savvy, I'm here by way of your comments on Amir's blog.

This: I know alot about Sri Lanka since Duran Duran filmed a bunch of videos down there. is hilarious!

SavvyD said...

I'm glad you were amused. I'm still waiting for Melvin Durai to stop by. He's my freaking hero!!