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Monday, July 7, 2008

Craigslist Ad That Cracked Me Up

Funny online dating ads. No, I didn't write this one!
Hmmmm I got flagged for this ad, and I was just posting what kind of man I DON'T want, which is a man who posts things like the following... am I wrong to have opinions and preferences? Maybe some man felt threatened by my post, or recognized himself in it... you tell me???

"Seeking Sugar Baby" - (see also "Benefactor")
Who says money can't buy you love? I am sure you are ok with that too, although I am sure at some point your ego will lead you to mistake attention for affection. Just keep the wallet full, guys.

"Seeking Fit and Attractive"
No offense guys, but have you seen yourselves?? Why do you all think you deserve a super model?? And when you say fit, you usually mean one sandwich short of anorexic. Watch it, in six months these girls will become megabitches. It's because they are hungry. Keep some M&Ms in your pockets for these emergencies.

"Male 45 seeks Female 21-30"
Ewwww. Seriously, if you want a woman that young, you are probably insecure, controlling, or too dimwitted to handle a woman your own age. You will probably think that if you DO get a younger woman, she is soooo into you... she is into your wallet, Papi. (See Sugar Baby/Benefactor). Hey, on the bright side... maybe she can keep you company while you go shop for your new Corvette.

"Seeking 420 Friendly"
Wow. A stoner chick. That's aiming high. Oh, and you are 40? You are so cool. Put down the bong, Spicoli. Seriously.

"Seeking Female for cuddling - I will host"
Yeah... it isn't creepy at all to go to a stranger's place. And CUDDLE. Why would any woman not feel comfortable with THAT???? The sad thing is... I bet a lot of women go for that. I am sure their families have fond memories of them.

"Seeking Asian female"
I hate to tell you this, but the days of the subserviant, soft spoken Asian female is OVER. Besides, they have the bodies of 12 year olds. Boys. I guess if you like that sort of thing... you know, you could always go to the Thai massage place on the corner. I hear they give happy endings.

"Hot and Young looking for fun"
Yeah.. fun... you mean you want to take me to Disneyland?? No?? Oh... I guess I misunderstood. And thanks for posting that pic of your junk... never saw one of THOSE before ::rolling eyes::

So I know I will hear it all - I must be ugly, fat, old, bitter, etc. I am none of these things. I know there are great guys out there too. I am just fed up with men without substance. Well... at least the ads on Craig's list are entertaining :-)


Anonymous said...

Craigslist makes me giggle.

Although I met my current boyfriend on there and hes awesome.

Although his post wasnt anything like the ones you described above.


SavvyD said...

I have dated a few moen off of Craigslist and none of them worked out, so lucky you. But then, Match.com, etc, well paint me bitter tonight cause nothing seems to be working. Scuse me for not caring anymore but I'm going to go out.

Miss Etiquette said...

Craigslist is hilarious. That being said, one of my sisters met her boyfriend on there and he's the most awesome guy. He's a captain in the US Marine Corps. She really hit the jackpot. It almost makes me want to go on Craigslist. Then I remember that I'd be the one to meet a serial killer.