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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Computer Kaput

I was merrily playing Solitaire on my new computer when out of nowhere, it went kaput. No reason just a sudden slight burning smell. Crud! How can this be? I clicked on another program only to read that it couldn't be found, it had been moved. How? I restarted...A grinding sound instead of the familiar sound of a hard disk being read...Panic ensued...

This is no mere problem with Vista. This was a problem from buying an open box computer with a suddenly derailed hard disk. That and the service warranty was non-existent. This had never happened to me before!! I've never even dropped a computer. I didn't buy it!!

There are many forms of evil in the universe. While I would agree that I have a heart of Christian darkness for doing what I did, a certain corporation may have no heart at all.

I did what any logical person would do. I bought another computer of the same kind and a service warranty. I'm going to have them fix my computer on the service warranty and then return this one. Maybe. Maybe I should just return and let them figure it out. I feel evil. Dishonest. But how wrong would it be for me to be stuck with a computer that didn't work? $1,000 worth of non-working computer?? After all I have been through, I think God will forgive me, for this the least of all evils I could think of to do. Besides, I really missed the version of solitaire that comes on this computer.

What would you do? Seriously, are you so different from me?

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