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Monday, July 21, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

I called Swing. I didn't know what was going on because I haven't heard from him, but mentioned it to a friend who thought maybe I gave him an ego blow when I suggested we go to the concert in a group. She also thought that maybe I was being too sensitive and that Swing might have just been teasing me. I decided to check it out. He's what I would call shy and dry.

I called about 5 people and then waited for their return calls while I went about my business. It turns out Swing has been feeling a bit of ennui and wanderlust. He seems to like me, but he's been thinking.

Swing: I'm going to be taking a few weeks off to visit my parents in Nebraska and then go to Austin on my way back. I just feel like there's nothing holding me here--no family, no major social life...
Savvy: Wait, are you serious? I was thinking the exact SAME thing just yesterday. I feel like there's nothing holding me here. I'm not married and if I'm going to be a jazz singer, New York is really the place to be. Austin is awesome. I thought about going to UT.
Swing: Yeah, I thought I'd check it out, that movie Slacker is set there.
Savvy: Are you going to visit the bats?
Swing: Bats?
Savvy: Yes, there are bats under the bridge in Austin.
Swing: I guess I'll have to go see them.
Savvy: So when we met, did you think I was a nut job?
Swing: I didn't really know what to think.
Savvy: I said all that stuff cause I just broke up with someone.
Swing: I think you've mentioned that every time we spoke.
Savvy: Really?
Swing: I think you mentioned it at the dinner thing.
Savvy: Oooohh, Bill was trying to get me to talk about that. Ummm...that was someone else I dated after the other guy. I'm totally OK with it now. It needed to be over, it just hurt at the time.
Swing: Well, it seems like you have a pretty easy time of meeting people.
Savvy: Ummm, well, sort of. I'm really friendly. And I always want to be friends with people if things aren't going to work out, but not everyone feels the same way. It's such a small world and when you might run into someone again...
Swing: Yeah. Sounds good.
Savvy: I know how it is to have a hard time meeting people. It's tough out here.
Swing: I thought it was just me. I started daincing to meet more people.
Savvy: I did too! Though I never met anyone worth dating.
Swing: Me either.
Savvy: I mean, I met someone, but the more he talked the more I heard him stay things about showing up to work still drunk, or about how much he liked to drink.
Swing: Sounds like he was warning you, and you were listening.
Savvy: Yeah, that's what I always say.
Swing: So, this concert is on Thursday, so how about I pick you up at 7.
Savvy: OK. Sounds fun. If you want to dance with other people, I'm OK with that because I can't swing dance right now with a torn rotator cuff.
Swing: It's OK. We can always just sit and listen.

How sweet! We said our goodbyes.

I always think it's a bad thing when a man needs time to "think". He wants a more interesting job. It means he feels unsettled and he doesn't know what he wants. But then neither do I. New York City is the capital of jazz. Sometimes I think I should go there and work on my singing career in the absense of anything "tying me down." Everyone thinks I should be doing something exciting with my single life. Whatever. It's just interesting that we're in a similar place. We can at least be friends. I'm wondering if I should kiss him at the end of our date. I mean, it could be the start of something, but it could also be our last date if he's going to move...hmmm.

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Frugal Wench said...

It's nice when you can stay friends with someone when it doesn't work out. I always try, but mostly, they can't handle it. Men, it seems, really like to make clean breaks.