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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I was supposed to go hiking tomorrow with some aquaintances but stepped on a garden hose and it rolled yet again. I'm so angry. I really want my ankle to get better!! I just had an awful, painful cortizone shot to that ligament and now here we go again. Of course I'm partly angry that I don't live in a normal household. My dad had the brilliant idea of installing motion detectors on the lights. There's just one problem, they don't detect motion everywhere. That leaves some places in the dark and in the dark lay the offending hose. That's ok because I'm sure there would be someone on the hike I really don't want to run into anyway.

It's summer and I'm so bored!!!!

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aflores said...

Aye Sav, be careful mijah...
I know how cortisone shots to the ligaments hurt. If it has been a few months, you might want to ask for Solu Medrol Intra Muscular Injection(Shot in the butt). This medication is also a corticosteroid and works to prevent the bodies natural immune response do to allergy or injury(Swelling). This is usually followed by a 7 day dose of oral prednisone(Also a corticosteroid). The advantage of this is that it is less painful than a shot directly to the injured site. The problem is that just because it doesn't hurt, it doesn't mean you are healed. You should wear an ankle stirrup brace with comfortable shoes for at least 6-8 weeks. Following the oral prednisone treatment you can take a non-steroidal anti-inflamtory drug (NSAID) called Indocin. For me this has proved more effective in treating inflammation than more traditional NSAID's like Motrin(Ibuprofen), Naprocin(Aleve). All of these can be harsh on your stomach so you have to take them with food. The corticosteroid can also mess with your menstruation as well as weight gain. These medications are by prescription only so consult your doctor and see if he/she thinks that these medications will be effective for you. You generally have to wait 3-6 months between steroid treatments. Lets have a coffee this week. Call me