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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awful Sari!! (Indian fashions)

I decided to dust off that sari I bought a few years ago and see how it looked. It's dusty, so it made me sneeze--unless I'm allergic to it. I must be doing it wrong. All the models look gorgeous in them. My friend looks amazing in hers. Either they just know how to wear them, or I look awful sorry in my sari. Honestly, It makes my butt look big because of the way it drapes tightly at the knees. What's a girl to do?

I decided to buy a new sari--
a black silk one with a print. I love black. And there are other options for looking like the nice Indian/Hindu girl next door in terms of fashions. Instead of going on a vaction--because they really are getting too expensive--my STAYcation included going online to check out what the latest Indian fashions look like and if there was a store anywhere near me so I can try them on.

Indian fashion essentials:
22 karat gold:
Awesome. I love gold. I can totally live with that. The fact that they believe in not wearing anything less than that means my new husband will have to buy alot of new jewlery for me. I have no problem with this whatsoever.

Salwar Kameez:
That's the long shirt and pants outfit. I found out that there are alot of varieties. Some I like and some I don't. Some feature pants that are like extra long tights or skinny jeans called churidhar. The kameez are sometimes long like dresses and other times shorter like a tunic. Confused? Yeah, me too. I'll take one of each--wide, skinny, long and short. I have to make sure I'm ready for everything. See below.

Half Sari/Pavada Davani:
This comes as a set with a skirt, shirt and scarf (dupatta). I think this combo will look much better on me.

Lehnga Choli:
This is a skirt (lehnga) and shirt (choli) combo. They come in both plain and fancy styles. I can't tell the difference between that and the half sari/Pavada Davani. It must make a difference to someone, so maybe I should buy one of each.

Actually after writing, I discovered that in the South it is called a pavada davani, and in the North is is called a lehnga choli. What it looks like just depends on the designer. I'm glad it's the same basic thing. Not having to buy two of them saves me some money. But on second thought, I'll take one of each in different colors and styles--just in case. I want to be sure I'm ready for anything.


Anonymous said...

Love the title!!!! After I lose 80 lbs I'll go sari shopping with you! I've always thought they are the most gorgeous clothes! If I tried to wear one now I'd look like the Goodyear blimp in sequins!

;-) chrissy

brainsnorts said...

can you wear a sari with nothing under it? that would be interesting.