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Friday, June 27, 2008

Room for Improvement

Weighing the pros and cons of dating Tall...The last thing you want to hear from someone is that there is room for improvement even before the second date! Tall stuck his foot in his mouth. I think I might have to be done, there's too much room for improvement on his side. It's not worth working on. What's not worth working on...Let's see...

We were kissing and talking (yes) the conversation took an interesting turn.
Tall: The girl I was dating before was used to guys fawning over her.
Savvy: Really? Was she totally hot.
Tall: You could say that. But recently she gained alot of weight.
Savvy: You don't seem to have a problem with my weight.
Tall: Well, there's room for improvement.
Savvy: We ALL have room for improvement.

Yep, I've gained weight with all of my injuries. Yep, that was a little bit of a dig after all, he was the one who revealed that he's been going to weight watchers. He's not just Tall, I could have called him Big&Tall--but I'm kind until pushed. He's also 14 years older than me. What was I thinking?? I could do without the complex of dating someone who wants to make out with me AND tell me I need to lose weight. And let's just say, he obviously enjoyed kissing me.

Twice he has called me a bitch. It seems like it's the new cool to call a woman a bitch. I must have stiffened up.
Tall: I meant it affectionately.
Savvy: Please don't call me that ever again. I don't like dirty words from someone I'm dating. Now you really owe me a detention.
Tall: That's what Sunday is for.

I don't call my friends or boyfriends derrogatory names. I can only think of one that I call anything bad. Besides, if he can call me bitch affectionately, what can he call me when he's angry??

He said his son called him and probably wants to spend time with him. Fine. That's totally fine with me. Because while he was standing right there at the bar, two other guys were trying to pick up on me and told me what pretty eyes I had. One asked me if I wanted to go make out with him. The main one who has room for improvement is him, not me.

Justice: Girl, I may have a blindfold on, but I can see that you need to dump him. Quit weighing anything. Take my sword and cut him out of your life.


cassie said...

Woah! It seems like you should definitely look elsewhere for a man! I may not know the details of this relationship, but it seems like he's a little bit shallow.

He may be taking advantage of you and since he's a little bit older than you, the life experiences are a little bit different. That AND he has a child? That's a little much. Perhaps clubbing again might be a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Hi Savvy. I'm back! I agree with Cassie. Mr. Tall, I mean Mr. Big and Tall should be kicked to where the sun doesn't shine.

It's a good thing that this charlatan showed his true colors. I think he is a charlatan because he was probably charming enough in the beginning and then he turned into a verbally abusive loser.

SavvyD said...

Yeah, I thought about calling him and telling him I didn't want to date him or that I met someone else--both of which are true!!

Amir Larijani said...

What in God's green earth was he doing kissing you on the first date?

I realize there's no Biblical command against it, but doncha think that's just a tad forward?

SavvyD said...

Oh, Amir! That was the second, date. Well, sort of. We were all hanging out with friends and Tall and I slipped away from the crowd. He didn't just kiss me, he asked me to go home with him. He moves fast. If you fast forward, we aren't going to be seeing each other anymore. Please read "Breaking Up is Hard to Do--Not!" I have friends who suggest that guys will only date me if I do alot more than that. I'm thinking about doing alot less. I can try that out on the guy I'm supposed to go to see a concert with...Swing.