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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Minute Date

Do any girls out there still fall for the last minute date ploy? If a guy doesn't have enough forethought to make a simple plan with me a few nights ahead of time, he doesn't deserve my time. This is how I handled a call from Cal.

I was checking out a farmer's market outside the restaurant where I was meeting Tall who was just leaving work. I decided to buy some pine nuts when my phone began to ring. I thought it was Tall.

Cal: Hey there. How are you?
Sav: I'm good. What's up?
Cal: Not much. Did you have a good day?
Sav: Yeah pretty good. You?
(I caught on finally that it wasn't Tall, so I looked at my cell phone's caller ID. I couldn't read it.)
Sav: Pretty good. (Finally able to read it.)
Cal: It's Cal. I thought you would recognize my voice.
Sav: Oh sorry. How was Phoenix? I've been thinking about you the whole time.
(What a jerk you are.)
Cal: It was pretty good. I've been painting my house all day today. I'm not sure if I did it right.

Sav: Did you go with the paint we picked out on our condo tours?
Cal: No, I went with something else. I just don't really have a vision.
Sav: You need someone who has a vision, then. Or wait until you do.
Cal: Do you have a vision for my house?
Sav: I don't know. I haven't seen it.
Cal: Why don't you come over and see it. I'll make you something to eat. I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me tonight.
Sav: A movie. Tonight?
Cal: Yeah.
Sav: Can't, I have plans.
Cal: What kind of plans?
Sav: Dinner plans. Maybe shopping.
Cal: Really? With who?
Sav: A friend. But maybe later this week.
Cal: Can I put you on hold for a second?

(Switching back and forth, --you've been through those. I hung on the line out of sheer amusement.)
Cal: Unfortunately, dear, I have to get going, but I will call you soon.
Sav: OK, sure. No problem. Like I said, I've been thinking about you the whole time.
Cal: Wow.
Sav: Gotta go, my friend is coming.
Cal: Take care.


Update--Never heard from him again.


DragonRaid said...

wow. how inconsiderate. you can't just call up someone and expect them to come see you on the spur of the moment (unless they really live like that). sorry, just that people like that get on my nerves sometimes.

AF said...

Sounds like you need to organize your "Bull Pen"
Figure out who your "Starters" are. These are the guys that are good for a chat over a Frappacino.
Then line up your "Middle Relievers". These are the dinner and a movie guys. Last but not leaset are the "Closers". These are the guys that get the job done when none of the others do. They usually don't come in until after dinner, and involve drinking, dancing, and...(I'll leave that up to you)
Until you meet "Mr. Right", organize your "Mr. Right Nows" this way and it won't matter if they cancle on you, just call another player from the "Pen".
Of course you will have to let some go and bring new ones in. Move them around and see where they fit best... You know, Your trying to build a winning team...
C'ya Sav.

SavvyD said...

Funny how it works out, AF. I met Tall when Cal cancelled because I already had plans to go to a happy hour if he cancelled. Then when Cal tried to get me last minute, I was meeting Tall for our date. I have a second date with Tall coming up. I think guys date differently from girls. I don't ask guys out because I have tried it and it didn't work. I've just decided I'm not getting serious with anyone until I know what's up and if it's worth making a commitment. We have to talk again soon. I've been sooper busy with closing the school year and interviewing. Gotta TCB, y'know!!

SavvyD said...

Dragonraid-he just wanted to get in my pants. He contacted me just enough to try to make me think he was interested, but I could tell he wasn't and I wasn't either, so I observed it and derived amusement from it.