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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Incredibly Base Bass

Bass--That jerk I dated.
Base--1. morally low; without estimable personal qualities; dishonorable; meanspirited; selfish; cowardly.
(See Bass)

I keep getting different stories about Bass. I ran into Kimmy again, who revealed how Bass was at Beach Volleyball when I wasn't looking.

Kimmy: So, tell me, you guys went to get margaritas after volleyball, did Bass go? How was it?
Savvy: No, he didn't. I was kind of hoping he would in a way.
Kimmy: D, you're so funny. You were, like, totally telling me that you didn't want to go and what a jerk Bass is and then you got there and everything was fine.
Savvy: Yeah, but I was acting. I mean, I'll be nice to someone's face, but all we did was talk shit about Bass once he was gone. I hugged everybody but him.
I didn't tell her about how I flipped him off behind my hand.
Kimmy: He kept looking at you the whole time. He was doing double takes. Every time he thought you weren't looking, he was looking at you.
Savvy: Are you serious?
Kimmy: Every time you said something funny, he was looking at you with a smirk on his face.
Savvy: Tell me something, did he even talk to anyone at all before I got there?
Kimmy: No. Every time I've run into him he's been really quiet. I've barely heard him say two words.
Savvy: See, that's what kills me. I'm the only person he really could talk to, still the only person he talks to at all and he totally blew it with me. He used to talk my ear off sometimes.
Kimmy: Seriously?
Savvy: He was so different with me.
Kimmy: Have you tried calling him?
Savvy: Yeah, but he doesn't call me back anymore or answer my text messages--though he told Bill he still wants to be friends with me.
Kimmy: That's so weird.
Savvy: Yeah. I'm trying to move on without him, not care anymore. It's been really hard. But knowing that he lied like that to Bill makes it a little easier. I mean, what else could he lie about?
Kimmy: Yeah, that's totally weird.
Savvy: Though Bill does have ulterior motives--he wants to get in my pants.
I winked.
Kimmy: Hahaha. You're soooo cuuute. I want to see you drunk sometime! I'll bet you're sooo fun. Let's go eat. The bread here is killer!

As I drove home later, I wondered if Bass was thinking about the good times when he was looking at me. I wonder if he feels bad, like the person who sent this card to Post Secret:

But then, he's so incredibly BASE for the things he did.

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SavvyD said...

I just read some of your blog and found it very entertaining...and
full of memories from single life! I'm sending the link to a good
friend of mine who is in the same boat. (oh yeah I added it to my
favorites too...lol) Good luck!


Her emo kid story is sooo funny!