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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Met Another Man

I never worry what I will do when a man cancels on me as Cal did. I went out to a Meetup event with a friend--a Happy Hour at a bar. Wouldn't you know it? I met a man. In fact alot of men. But one in particular wants to go out on a date with me.

Cal texted me to cancel our date. I was really OK with that because I don't want to waste my time with someone who isn't that into me. He also emailed me. I was still thinking Whatever.

In any case, I went to the happy hour thing. I ran into Pops and I have to say he looked really good to me. He had also just quit smoking, so he smelled good too. What if he only said half of the things he said to me because he was drunk? I asked him to give me a call. He bought a drink for me.

I also ended up talking to Tall who bought another drink for me. This one is more normal tall--he's only 6'3"--compared to Astro who was 6'8". I always thought it would be better if I knocked 5 inches off of him. He still would have been tall. In any case, the new tall guy is blond with blue eyes. A bit of a contrast. I don't seem to really have a type.

Becky walked by while we were talking and whispered in my ear:
Becky: He likes you.
Savvy: I can tell.
Becky: I'm glad you can because it's really obvious.
Savvy: I'm not blind because I'm stuck on Bass.

I love Becky. She knows how much I still hurt and she listens even for the 100th time. She understands that it's going to take a long time.

Tall and I talked and flirted. I was really tipsy. He even escorted me to the bathroom--I suppose to make sure that no one else horned in on his action. He walked me out to his car.

When he kissed me, I couldn't help but compare it to kissing Bass. It was nice. It came close. I told him I liked kissing that way. But I'm worried. Men expect things to go so much faster than when you are in high school. Is he thinking he will score on our date?

I asked Becky something important.
Savvy: I don't get why I keep meeting men these days. It's weird.
Becky: It's because you don't care. You always meet men when you don't care.
Savvy: You're right. It's true. I don't care about any of them. What I can have with any of them doesn't measure up to what I thought I could have with Bass.
Becky: You'll get better. I'll keep listening.
Savvy: Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to go out with Tall on Tuesday.
Becky: Tell me how it goes! I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sav,
Great talking to you the other day. The honest truth is that men are looking for the quick score. The question is not what a man wants from you, that's a given, the question is what does a man want for himself. The sad part is that he might not even know what he wants for himself. In that case you need to move on.
In my early years I had my heart thoroughly trounced by girls wanted to hangout with the "nice" guy, but they went to bed with the "rebels". I don't mean to sound jaded but my experience isn't unique to me. Generally speaking, I feel that men have been driven to get what they want first and then decide if they want to stay, or just move on. I'm glad I've been in a committed relationship for the last 6+ years. I don't think I would seek another permanent relationship if this one doesn't work out. I doubt I would want to make another investment in a long term relationship again. Good luck to you...

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

As long as both parties understand that stress is not on "friends" it is on the "benefits", I don't see the problem. Unfortunately, I think most women think 1.) friendship is more important than it is and 2.) think it will develop into something more (it won't).

(thanks for stopping by - xmarks)