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Monday, June 23, 2008

Heatwave In My Pants

The weather has been really HOT in California, but there is also a heatwave in someone's pants.
Liar, liar
Pants on fire.

Believe it or not, Bass is at it again. I think he might be a pathological liar. From the moment he opened his mouth, I didn't believe him. Even when he was telling the truth.

When I first met him, I thought he was lying about injuring his shoulder playing standup bass. I thought he was a hobbyist or something. Nope. He was a professional musician. What's amazing is that someone so talented could be so lacking in social skills.

Bill knows everything from me. But he saw things going on, too. Bill has ulterior motives--he would like to date me and tried to kiss me, though could never actually tell me or ask me out. But he is truthful and he does care about protecting me--from Bass.

Bill: Guess who I ran into?
Savvy: I know who.
Bill: Guess.
How annoying.
Savvy: I don't need to guess. Bass.
Bill: Yes. Well, I asked him, What's with you breaking Savvy's heart? And do you know what he said?
Savvy: What?
Bill: He said, It's not like she's making it seem. It wasn't romantic or anything.
Savvy: But then, why would he admit anything to you? Wait. He really said that?
Bill: Yes. Then I told him, she said you texted her 400 times. And he said, I don't think it was that much.
Savvy: Oh, my God. I have the phone bill to prove it. He really said that?
Bill: And then, get this, he said, I still want to be friends with her. If you see her, would you let her know?
Savvy: He really said that?
Bill: Yes.
Savvy: It wasn't romantic? Are you serious?
Bill: Yes.
Savvy: Oh my God.
Bill: I was going to tell you sooner, but I haven't seen you.
Savvy: Yeah. Haven't seen you.
Though Bill does have my number. So does Bass.
Bill: He wasn't man enough to admit to anything.
Savvy: He said he wanted to spend all summer with me, all of spring break and it wasn't romantic? Come here, I want to show you something... It wasn't romantic, my ASS.
I mumbled.

We made a beeline for where I had left my gold purse sitting with other purses. I pulled out my pink razr and was really glad I hadn't deleted the messages. I flipped through texts and showed him several.

Here we go...
1. Ice that shoulder. Sweet kisses. Bass.
2. Besos sweetos.
3. Good morning my budding sweet baby opera star.
4. Sweet child o mine, you rock!

Bill: I don't text my friends like that.
Savvy: Me either. I might call them babe or hot stuff, but certainly don't talk about kissing them.
Bill: What a jerk.
Savvy: Well, it's not like you believed him anyway.
Bill: No.
Savvy: I just don't get why he couldn't just say, Yeah, I feel bad about that.?? He begged me to stay with him, we talked on the phone all the time, we made out alot and that wasn't romantic??
Bill: You deserve better.

I told Becky Sue while we shopped for shoes.

BeckySu: Did he ever even apologize to you?
SavvyD: Yeah, he did when it was just us. But then, why would he admit it to Bill?
BeckySu: Guys don't like to admit that they hurt us.
SavvyD: Yeah, well denying everything isn't going to make it hurt any less.
BeckySu: Well, maybe now you can be angry and finally get over him.
SavvyD: I don't feel anything.
BeckySu: Imagine if he said that after you guys sleeping together. Aren't you glad you didn't sleep with him?
Savvy: You betcha.

I can't believe I ever believed him for a minute. I don't feel anything right now I'm so shocked. I used to think I wanted to be friends with him, but I'm starting to think that he doesn't know how to tell the truth to anyone. Not only that, he basically called me a liar. If he can lie like that, why does he even want to be friends with me? What else could he lie about?


Creative Student said...

I was recently lied to by a friend of mine - he tried to tell me he had a new high security job with the british MOD after only one weekend since i last saw him - just impossible!

Anyway, your blog seems quite established - how do I start linking up blogs I like onto mine???

Would be great if you could give mine a read! :D Cheers!

Miss Etiquette said...

What a jerk! You are much better off without him. I often wonder why people feel the need to not only lie but tell blatent lies.

Tairebabs said...

I can't believe Bass actually said that. Soooooo annoying and very low. What did he mean by "wasn't romantic"? I definately do not go around sending ordinary friends numerous sms messages that end with sweet kisses and Besos sweetos. Anyway, don't stay mad, people lie when they are hurt. Silly.

Anonymous said...

I think that Bass was trying to play it cool and give your friend the impression that you wanted more than he did, when in fact, he sent mixed signals to you from day 1.

I think that people tend to talk smack like that when they are in pseudo-romantic/romantic situations because they are attempting to shift blame to the other party. In other words, Bass was probably trying to manipulate your friend into thinking that he is in the right....when he is probably at least partly in the wrong.