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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dating Tall, Buying Shoes

I had a decent time with Tall who I met at the Happy Hour event I attended. Tall met me for dinner and the conversation flowed easily. I did want to kiss him when I saw him and he didn't seem to want to kiss me.

Of course, while I was waiting for Tall, I got that booty call from Cal that left me laughing. I haven't heard anything further from that one. And that's just fine by me. It's funny, in those dating books they all say that you should keep busy after a date with someone. Now I know why. I just never thought I'd actually get one of those calls while I was OUT on a DATE.

Tall didn't really have a plan for us for after dinner. That sort of bothered me.
Savvy: Well, we said you were going to serve a detention for me.
Tall: Oh yes, that's right. That's sort of a bad girl thing to say...
Savvy: You were naughty and used a bad word in front of me.
Tall: I'm sorry.
Savvy: And we agreed that your detention would be shopping.
Tall: Oh, should we go to the mall?
Savvy: Yes, but there's just one problem, I have to go to that really big mall to get what I need because that's the only place where they have the shoes I want in the size I need.
Tall: Your wish is my command.

He kept stopping to kiss me on the way to the car. I know you wanted to kiss me when you saw me, I was just making you wait. He got a little fresh with me in the car by putting his hand on my thigh. I let him. I found the shoes I wanted. He tried to help me pick out some other shoes--really high heels in pink.

Cashier: So, what card will you be using?
Savvy: ....the store card.
Cash: Will that be your card or his card?
(That would have been a nice gesture. It wouldn't be the first time a guy gave me pair of shoes on a date.)
Tall: Nice try! You're slick, Savvy. Any card that isn't mine.
Savvy: Um, haha, yes.
Cash: Well, it will eventually go to his accound some way or another, right? Isn't that how it always works? You pay for it now, but really, he's the one paying.
Savvy: It's our first date.
I whispered. Tall started lurking a few feet back.
Cash: It's all the same, sweetie. He whispered back.
We walked away with my purchase.
Savvy: Were you embarrassed?
Tall: Yes, a little.
Savvy: Look at you, you turned red! Nothing really embarrasses me.

OK, nothing except maybe shopping and making out with someone I hardly know. I started thinking that things were moving a little too fast. When we were in the store, he kissed me on the up escalator, then on the down escalator. Then in the parking lot leaning against the car. Then in the car up and down my neck.

On the way back the joking got a little out of hand.
Tall: I almost made a first date faux pas by heading back to my place on autopilot.
Savvy: Um, yeah, I would have thought you were up to no good.
Tall: We already established you're a good girl. Unless you weren't being truthful.
Savvy: Oh no, I was. Though I do like kissing.

I admit to letting the kissing go on a bit because I started thinking that maybe there wouldn't be another date. He withdrew a little on the way back home. His hands stayed on the wheel. Maybe this would have worked with another girl, but it wasn't enough for me to do anything really. He admitted to having had pickups and casual sex. I've never done that and I'm not about to start. It's just hard to say no to kissing when I don't do anything else and I haven't had a steady boyfriend in awhile. The kiss goodnight was especially sweet.

He made a second date with me, but then....
Tall: I feel really bad about it... I was really looking forward to spending time with you. It was a really great end to my day. You were the only bright spot in it and you give me the excuse to get out of the office. They scheduled all these meetings for me as I'm taking over a colleagues accounts while she's away on maternity leave. How about Friday?
Savvy: I can't I have plans. I'm going to..
Tall: Oh, you don't have to explain. It's not like you're my girlfriend.
I know you're going to the Happy Hour on Thursday, so I'll see you there.
Savvy: As long as you know that doesn't count as a date. How about Saturday?
Tall: I have a party I'm attending.
Savvy: Ahhh.
Tall: Sunday?
Savvy: Yes. Sunday looks like our best option.
Tall: I feel really bad about it, again. I also have to watch my finances.
Savvy: Yes, I understand. And don't worry about Wednesday. I'm sure I'll find something to do with myself.
Tall: I'll bet you're going to blog about me.
Savvy: Yeah, so you better treat me well because that determines what I write. Plus we have mutual friends.

I really do understand. That's the flashing pink neon sign sign for, I don't want to spend money on you when you aren't going to put out. It's also code for He's Just Not That Into You. I can live with that. I can live with him thinking I might blog about him. I was also relieved that I didn't open my mouth when he cancelled. Wednesday seemed tentative, so I had already made other plans!

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