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Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking Up IS Hard to Do--NOT!

Sometimes it's really easy. Tall called me to explain why he didn't call me on Sunday. Truth be told, I really didn't care that much. I had already made my decision and after listening a short while I told him. I was going to call you and tell you all the same things.

I have a theory that it only really takes 3 dates to decide if you want to pursue someone. The 3rd date is the deciding date. Sometimes it happens sooner. This time things happened sooner.

Savvy: We want different things in a relationship. I'm too innocent for you. I know it and so do you.
Tall: I hate to come across as a pig.
Savvy: Honestly, I understand completely. I would feel like I'm giving you alot and you would feel like you aren't getting what you really want. You just went through 3 years of a relationship where you didn't get what you wanted.
Tall: Well, at first I thought you were testing me and you just wanted to make me wait a little bit. I was OK with that. But then I realized you were for real.
Savvy: I never pretended. I know that making guys wait ended up costing me a relationship with someone I really liked a few months ago. I wish I could just go for it, but then he never told me directly, he just implied it. It's not what you would expect from someone who is not shy. But I'm shy when it comes to other things.
Tall: You have standards and you're very clear about communicating them.
Savvy: I'm glad that you respect me enough to notice.
Tall: I think you're great and I really like you. And then there's the religion thing. You're really religious and I'm not.
Savvy: That's actually funny to me because there are so many people who think I'm like spawn of Satan because I'm not churchy enough. I laugh too loud, I'm fun, I date. I'm scandalous.
Tall: No, you're not. We should talk next week and see about hanging out.
Savvy: That would be good because I'm always in favor of friends. Though, it'll be hard for you. You know you have the hots for me.
Tall: I'm definitely attracted to you. There's a strong attraction on both sides.

Well, sort of. I wanted to give things a shot. He was a good kisser... I'm always going from one guy to the next these days. This is a completely different chapter in my life than I have ever been through before. Maybe it's because we are all lonely singles hoping to connect and find... well, umm... that we're still lonely. That we still have trouble connecting.

Savvy: All right, let's talk. Right now my phone just started beeping because the battery is running out. I should go.
Tall: OK. Talk to you soon.

I'm sure he was relieved. Breaking up was never so easy! Then again, it's not like he was ever really my boyfriend. I called a friend of mine back because I still haven't figured out how to switch back an forth between calls on my cell phone.

Savvy: Sorry! I was just breaking up with someone.

I was chirpy as a parakeet.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be honest but I think it would be hard to snag a quality man by making him wait eternally for sex, no matter how attractive you are.

Im not saying you should sleep with a guy after 1,2, or 3 dates. But after a couple of months most guys would bail. Most tall, good-looking, rich, or desirable men are not used to waiting, so they dont.

SavvyD said...

How about love? Would it be reasonable to want to be in love? Truth be told, I just wasn't into him enough to consider it--especially since we we didn't make it to the second date really. Most of these guys are asking me to have sex with them without a commitment and before 3 dates. Alot of them are also not that rich, tall, good-looking or completely desirable. So, I blog about it...

SavvyD said...

bob young left this for me on alt.christian.religion:

Marry an atheist and enjoy life
He doesn't realize that religion is part of why Tall broke up with me!!

Mila Cross said...

I love your blogs! =) You are lucky that breakup sounded easy. Most breakups even a short lived relationship - can end up horrible and dramafilled. Eww, I don't agree with that atheist quote though. Psh, don't ever compromise what you believe in. Besides the waiting on sex thing doesn't JUST have to do with religion it has to do with respect. If the guy respects you, he'll wait. If he doesn't wait, you don't want him anyway!

SavvyD said...

Tall and I discussed trying to stay friends from our first date because we met at a Meetup event where I have many friends. Personally I only think it's dramatic when someone has been disrespectful and hurtful in some way by misleading the other party in a variety of ways that we have all heard. All one has to do is click on the man's nickname to find the whole story!! Bass for example... I need to go back and label the first guy I was seeing as I started getting serious about writing the blog.
Thanks for reading!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Tall doesn't sound very savory. Glad you and him broke it off.