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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Being Single Is Fun?

So much for a break from dating. This weekend I met someone when I least expected it. That's good, right? Everyone says love will come when you least expect it. Then I met someone from Match.com the next day. I made out with one of them in his car. I made out with the other one in an elevator. That's fun, right?

Except that there were a few problems that came with that fun... seeing Bass at beach volleyball put me in a weird mood. That mood was already weird enough because I am searching for a job and went to a job fair right before I ran into Bass. After an eventful morning, getting margaritas and beer with acquaintances sounded like a great idea. We wandered around looking for a good place. What we thought was a dive turned out to be an amazing sports bar with darts, mirrored walls, flags of the world hung from the ceiling and at least 12 pool tables. It was sports bar heaven--a place that was actually a social space not just a bunch of huge TVs.

Savvy: Wow, now this is a sports bar.
Celine: Wow, who knew?
Dave: I thought this place was going to be a dive.

Some guys at a table stood up and motioned for us to come over. Somehow I ended up joining them to watch the horse race. I changed into the hat and dress I had worn to the interview and sat with them.

John: You look just like those British people at the races with your hat.

After the race, I ended up playing trivia with them. It was fun. All the while John was flirting with me, putting his arm around me, touching my knee. I was a little tipsy from hefeweizen (beer). My friends left wondering if it was OK to leave me with 4 nerdy guys who were into trivia...hmmm... sounds dangerous.

John professed having 2 children, so I figured he was divorced. He was, after all, a nerd into trivia? He was elected by the nerds to drop me off at my car. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, like on of the other nerds and suddenly his lips were on mine.

John: Wow, you're an amazing kisser, too.
Savvy: There's just one problem, I saw your ring.
John: Oh.. there's always something, isn't there?
Savvy: Yes, there is.
John: I'll have to give you a ring and tell you my story.

Hmmm...and his story would be so interesting as if I hadn't heard those kinds of stories before. Stayed together for the kids, etc. What about my story? Single and looking for someone who thinks I'm wonderful and adorable; someone who wants to make me happy and is free to do so. I'm not angry, even if some of you think I should be. I'm just sad, and sadder still because of who I saw earlier that day.

I had my own things going on. While I was sitting there playing trivia with my new friends who were buying drinks for their new Queen of Nerds, I tried calling my date for the next day. My phone crashed, so I asked John if I could use his phone. I called my date for the next day, to solidify our plans...

We met outside near a coffee shop and got frappuccinos.
Savvy: Some guys bring you flowers, some guys buy you frappuccinos, I don't know which is better.
Cal: Frappuccinos for sure.

We laughed. He wasn't that cute and was a little bit pervy. He kept talking about women in Europe going topless at the beach. He said he wasn't sure how he would explain it to his daughter. I wondered if I could get used to him. He showed me around the newly built area. Our curiosity led us to look at condos that were having open houses.
Cal: They probably think we're married.
Savvy: Whatever. Honey, what do you think of the carpet?
Agent: This condo was built in...and has 3 bedrooms and an office.
Savvy: Oh, honey, that's perfect for you. Let's go see it.
Agent: What do you think?
Savvy: Well, we aren't sure what we're looking for right now.

After a glass of wine at a small art exhibit, he suddenly looked fine to me. He showed me the restaurant he owns with his brother. They have hookahs, so we smoked hookah.

Cal: Actually, I shouldn't tell you this, but it's considered romantic for one person to blow smoke into the other person's mouth.
Sav: Sure, why not?
Cal: Really? OK.

He inhaled and held his breath while we ran around the corner where no one could see us. He led me around the building and we found a few uninhabited places where he kissed me again. Then we took the elevator where the kisses got steamier. He was a really good kisser. Now he was really good looking.

For some reason, he abruptly decided to walk me to his car. Hmm? Was it because I pushed his hand away from doing something further? I wasn't exactly in an analytical mode, but something punched through when he said he had to go get his daughter. I thought she was at a party and could stay there all afternoon...Was it? Could it be? An inner voice declared:He's just not that into you.

He said he got a call from Canada that he had to take and excused himself--family he's supposed to meet in Europe to go to Greece. Hmm... Then today I got a text message saying Sorry dear. Can't find sitter for my daughter. Before that he was saying that his mother had told him she would sit for him anytime so he could have time for a girlfriend. I wonder if he took off to see Indiana Jones because it started around the time he dropped me off at my car. I had already seen both of the movies he suggested. Hmm... I saw it coming and I really didn't care that much. I already made plans to go to a restaurant happy hour with a friend.

Yes, being single is so much fun. Or something like that.


Will said...

~~Well. It sounds like you are having fun!

Sometimes, things just "seem" to go right...You know when they are;
usually, glimpsed at in retrospect.

Keep having fun, Savvy!

Ajan said...

being single is fun?? wow!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you're a Christian?

SavvyD said...

Oh, Anon, you dog!! Are you sure you're in a place to judge me?