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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Side Effects of Blogging

There are some hidden side effects to blogging. One of them is that sometimes important things fall to the wayside--cleaning is one of them. Exercise is another--though I do have alot of injuries now. I could totally relate when I got a message from exchurchmouse saying she was going on a technology break. I did that last night. I decided to get some cleaning done.

My hanging shoe organizer broke, so I bought a new shoe organizer and put it together, vacuumed out my closet and organized my shoes. I also decided to buy a down free blanket because I am tired of little feathers coming from everywhere. Sometimes in the morning I sneeze and a little feather floats in the air. Wow!

All of this was way more work than I realized it would be. I've been waiting a long time to get organized, so it was about time, but I don't wonder why I have been avoiding this by blogging. I have so much stuff I haven't worn and might never wear again. I don't WANT to sort through it all because it'sboring, but I do want to get organized and get rid of things that I don't need.

Now that the writers strike it over I have been watching TV while I clean. It might also help burn some calories. I have to start logging into slim.com again and keeping trck of what I eat. I haven't gained weight lately, but I think all the sitting around caused by my attention to blogging has done things. Muscle mass decreases with a sedentary life. I need to get home so I can watch Ugly Betty and clean up some more. Of course, that will be with an ice pack on my injured shoulder.


Saturday--I decided to stay in from a blues festival and clean. I am giving stuff away while there is no one home to see it leave. If I moved stuff into my car with my mom here, she might try to stop me. Ihate saving things for the day you might need them. Sometimes it's time to just let things go. I have some boxes togo through that I haven't touched in years. And yes, I'm keeping an ice pack on my shoulder the whole time.

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