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Monday, May 12, 2008

My New Laptop

Getting a new computer is both a happy and a sad occasion. This will most likely be my last post on my old computer. In case you didn't know what it was (most of you don't) it was a very cute Averatec with a 12.1 inch screen. I'm very in love with very small laptops. Not only are they cute and light, but anything larger than a 14 inch screen and you really ought to get a desktop. I have small hands, so I like the small keyboard. I like to be able to take my laptop to a coffee shop so that I don't feel like I am holed up all alone. I like to blog, but I also like to be social.

The other reason for getting a new computer is that I killed my battery. I was trying to refresh it so it would hold a charge for longer and killed it completely in the process. I looked into buying a new battery and I was going to cost $100 as a special order since this computer is/was actually pretty rare. I'm going to be more careful with the battery from now on. Why spend 1/8 of the price of a new laptop on an old one that is working too slowly?

My new computer, an HP Pavilion tx2110us 12.1" Touchscreen Entertainment Laptop, has alot going for it. It has a built in webcam, microphone, it doubles as a tablet, the touch screen technology is so much fun for playing solitaire! I can't wait to explore more of what the touch screen technology can do. The down side is that it looks like I will have to break in the keyboard. It's a little bit different than what I have now.

It runs alot faster than what I am typing on now. I got tired of it taking forever for me to get to my blog or check my email. I tried everything to save it. Defragmenting my hard drive, searching and destroying bots and spyware all did nothing. It was time to move on, no matter how hard it was/is. The next time you see a small handed woman on a little laptop typing away like crazy, start wondering if it's me. The things I write ring true for many people.


Anonymous said...

Hi Savvy,

I just want to let you know that I am taking some time off blogging, which includes reading people's blogs. I need to do some serious media fasting. You can reach me at exchurchmouse@gmail.com if you would like to keep in touch. I put you in my prayer notebook to pray that you will find gainful employment soon.

Benita Bolland said...

I’ve handled the HP Pavilion myself. My friends and I found it a bit bulky whenever I borrowed it from her to use it as a tablet. Also, the fingerprint scanner is not accurate. My biometrics is not installed, but I am able to access it after a lot of swipes on the fingerprint reader. Aside from that, it was an overall great product. It is really fast and the internet reception through Wi-Fi is really good. I am also able to play my friend’s game quite well without too much lag. It has its kinks, but it’s a great product nonetheless.

SavvyD said...

LOL, that was a fun computer. I'm actually now using a Toshiba. Gosh, this sure is old! Thanks for stopping by!

Lakendra Wiltse said...

Oh, hi there, SavvyD! It’s been four years from the date you posted this blog. I’m willing to bet you’ve already bought a new computer. If you use your computer frequently, mind its battery life by storing it at room temperature, and by charging it on a regular basis. This way, you can make your computer last longer.

Lakendra Wiltse

Ruby Badcoe said...

“The other reason for getting a new computer is that I killed my battery. I was trying to refresh it so it would hold a charge for longer and killed it completely in the process.”--- This really gets me upset. The only intention why you did it is to try to make it better, but in the end, it totally broke. Lesson: If you’re not quite sure of what you’re doing, you may want to leave it up to someone else, or have someone beside you to advise.

SavvyD said...

This is two computers ago now and I enjoyed experimenting. Instead of buying a new battery, I bought a new computer. And because of changing technology, I purchased yet another one which was lighter and even more portable. Ultimately, I could have continued with the same computer and no battery since most of what I do is at my desk, but it really chalked up to be no great loss when so many other things have changed. It's funny how people feel compelled to comment giving me advice on a story from several years ago. LOL!