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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Astroriffic! (Or not.)

Quite frankly, I don't think Astro is into me enough. This whole dating-someone-on-the-rebound-while-heartbroken-over-Bass thing only works if the rebound guy is working to win me over. And trust me, I do want to be won over!

We were off to a good start on our first date. Really we were. Flowers only helped his case. And telling me that he picked yellow because I'm happy was a nice touch. I did pick a yellow car while mine was in the shop. A guy who likes having me sit on his lap and is big enough to wrap his arms around me twice is priceless.

There was a LIST of things I came up with that I didn't like after Sunday's uncomfortable lunch--just read Do Men Marry Their Mothers? Maybe he's afraid. Maybe he has issues. But ultimately, he doesn't treat me in a way that speaks to me. He doesn't call me very much. He's not very affectionate--probably the least affectionate guy I've dated.

Right now I'd like a hot makeout session with a side of affection and lots of good manners melting over the top. Sure, his cake is made of stuff that I like--he's a Christian with rock solid faith, we both sing, he hasn't been pushy about sex. But the icing tastes funny and that ruins the cake. He wants me to see his lecture this Friday, but I don't see how this is really going to change anything. Does he want ME or just an adoring audient? Do I go anyway as an experiment for my blog or do I say, I'm going to give my pretty to a guy who knows how to treat it right?

He texted me today...I was surprised since I had ignored his Good Morning text on Monday morning.
Astro: Hi D, what's up? I can pick u up for the talk on Friday if u want.
Savvy: We'll have 2 discuss the options.
Astro: I teach till 5 and then it takes about 1 hour to get to you.
Savvy: Take my secret way, it saves time. I didn't think you wanted me to go.
Astro: Oh, just me and my cold feet... I supremely enjoy being with u...
Savvy: Funny that. The temp in my feet dropped.

No response.
Savvy: I will try wearing socks. But let's c if we can set the temp to fun.
Astro: Word up! LOL

I imagined myself cutting him loose, but now I see how hard it can be. Maybe I can work it out so that we can be friends. It's not like he kisses me enough for me to continue to think of him as much more than that. He's never so much as kissed me with an open mouth, so I've been thinking he's just not that into me.


Astroriffic (interjection) : What space geeks say instead of teriffic or fantastic Astrorific!!I found a new planet!!

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LadyElaine said...

you may have to take a step back and see whether or not you really don't like this guy for who he is or whether you don't like him because he doesn't fit your typical dating pattern. Could it be that you don't find him warm at all because he's not expressing fuzzy overtures off the bat, or because you prefer a man who is emotionally transparent and honest about it(which is a rarity among men and women).

Don't read too much into it. Men say what they think, so if you have questions, ask. But be willing to deal with the answers to those questions like an adult. He could be cold because he learned about relationships from the IKDB courtship movement. He could really still be making up his mind about you. But you don't know until you ask(and would I ask in a calm, kind, nonjudgmental manner). No matter what the outcome, he's still your brother in Christ and you still should treat him with dignity and respect.