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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Annoying Secret Habits of Men

It seems that for every man, there is an annoying secret habit that accompanies him. I swear I'm telling the truth!! It's just a matter of time before a girl discovers it. For example, my ex-fiance used to chew on his toenails!!

Strange and disgusting, but totally true! He's the only man I have dated who did this, but he did it. Unfortunately, his disgustingly annoying secret habits didn't end there. He only brushed his teeth once a day. Sometimes I wouldn't kiss him until he had brushed his teeth. He didn't see what the big deal was. I sure did. Gross!!

I have dated a few men who collected comic books and lied about it. I don't know which is worse, the collecting comic books or the lying about it. One of my college boyfriends refused to tell me where he had been all afternoon until I dug it out of him. He went downtown to a comic book store. And there I was thinking he had been doing something wrong or bad. Why wouldn't he want to tell me? Our conversation could have gone like this:
D-Hey, so what'd you do with yourself today?
J-I went shopping downtown.
D-Really? What were you shopping for?
J-Books and stuff.
D-Find anything good?
J-Yeah, a few.
D-What did you get?
D-Cool. Which ones do you read?

Then a few years later I was the one collecting comic books, so it wasn't any great sin in my book. I got really into Anime. I grew up watching Speed Racer and then went on to collect Bubblegum Crisis, Ranma 1/2 and got into Sandman. The especially embarrassing one was Dirty Pair which I loved the most.

A lady was telling me last night about a boyfriend she had who always wanted Wednesday night to himself. Well, his secret habit was a little bit more than annoying. Wednesday night was reserved for having phone sex with a girl he had known since grad school. She said he also had alot of single male habits that he engaged in frequently. I'm not sure I wanted to know that much. I'll take the dirty fingernails.

Hmmm...do all people have annoying habits? I suppose they do. I don't like to do dishes. I'll leave dishes in the the sink for days because I grew up in a house with spiders not roaches. When I lived in New York and South Carolina I was on top of the dishes because there were roaches to spare.

Are you dating, married to or breaking up with someone who has an annoying habit? Share your story.


Amir Larijani said...

Some could say that I AM an annoying habit. Or did I mean hobbit? ;)

Ajan said...

I don't collect comics.. But i like to read em when they are printed in the newspaper.. My fav is calvin and hobbes
hell! who doesn't like the duo.. unless they are psychos o'course

Jane said...

ewwwww, gross. I gave my boyfriend a frozen can of soda today. After drinking the juice, he opened the can from the side and ate the rest with his car key!!! I swear if he wasn't so fricken cute and amazing :D, he'd be in my blog haha