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Monday, April 21, 2008

Return of the Replacement

I had an extra ticket to go to car races and invited my old replacement, J. He's the same J as Love is Like Football and Love is Just Like High School. We are forging a friendship. He wants to be known as Manbag on my blog since he had one. I don't know about that...

Of course, Bass came up in the conversation.
D:So, I dated Bass after bowling.
J: You did? I wondered about that.
D: Really? So you caught on that something was up.
J: Yes. You said "Bass is with a girl."
D: Oh, I guess it was pretty obvious.
J: No, you were actually pretty cool about it. Let me get this straight...I was your Plan B?
D: Um...well...I did like you, but then I met Bass that night at bowling and I didn't know what to do because he was already asking me out.
J: Seriously? That takes game. He's really got his shit together. He's got a house, he's good looking, he dresses well.
D: He's a jerk...
J: Yeah, but chicks dig that other stuff. I need to get some of that going on.
D: I liked that we were both so into music.
J: Yeah, musician chicks really dig that.
D: His parents helped him with the down payment to that house...
J: So I was your Plan B...that's actually kinda hot.
D: Are you serious?
J: Yeah I'm serious. He dissed you and then you showed up with me. That's hot. I mean like you, but I wasn't sure about going into a relationship, so I was OK with him cutting in. You flirt alot and that's a little bit of a turnoff for me. I also think it attracts the wrong element.
D: I'm digging our just friends vibe. Everything gets so complicated after college.
J: Yeah, you noticed that too, huh?
D: I'm digging it because it's cool to have friends. The wrong element? What do you mean?
J: OK, think about it, at bowling you were getting alot of attention from the guys. And then when we went to the pool hall it was you and 5 guys. It must have been a real ego rush for him to walk out with you. It was like he won something. But then maybe he just wasn't that into you.
D: I don't know about that. Other people think he scared himself.
J: It's impossible to know. The only person who knows is him and he would have to be really in touch with himself and his feelings and I get the impression that he isn't. He probably doens't even know why.
D: Great. What good are you if you can't help me come up with some answers. You're a guy. A guy with a manbag.
J: I happen to like my manbag. You should call me Manbag on your blog. I'd love to read it. Can I?
D: Umm...no. You already know too much.

We looked around the venue for our aquaintances but couldn't find them and their phone was off. Bummer. Half the fun of going was supposed to be to crash their reserved seating area and binge on their leftover snacks. We had fun even without finding them. J bought lunch in exchange for the tickets. A fun lunch of turkey legs, tri tip and corn. Fair food. And very large beers.

D: So the one thing I wish I had done was to ruin his night by sitting down and saying "Does this mean we aren't dating anymore?" right in front of his date.
J: Really? I soooo wish you had done that. That would have been fun.
D: You're so crazy. I had no idea you would like drama like that.
J: Normally I don't, but that would have been really awesome drama to watch.
D: OMG. You're hysterical.
J: I'm just saying I would have appreciated the show.

I'm sure he's imagining what I did when I wrote Slap That Bass.

J is definitely cool. I'm glad we ended up talking openly about it. Though it would have been cool to have sent in a postcard to Post Secret with my "secret". I was just using you to get back at him and it backfired.

Except that I wasn't just using him. He was my friend and I was interested in him at one point. I did want to find out if there was anything there and I found a friend. A friend who makes me laugh. A friend who has a bohemian heart like mine. He's going to just quit his job to go to Alaska for no real reason--I just think that's cool. A friend who tells me it's still pretty obvious that I am on the rebound. A friend who is man enough to have a manbag!

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