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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oopsy! Overdue Bills!!

Sometimes an overdue bill can be an undue burden. I opened my Bloomingdale's bill only to discover that I hadn't even seen the bill 2 months ago. This month's bill somehow escaped being opened until after the due date. Shoot. As if I didn't have enough trouble right now!

I decided to do my best to finagle. I mean, I had nothing to lose but $60 of my hard earned money.

Savvy: Um, hi. I have a little bit of a problem. I'm a bit behind on my bill.
Becky: Please tell me your name and we'll verify your information so we can look at your account.
Savvy: Well, I was in an accident a month ago and I sort of lost track of things...

then I told her all about Bass dissing me after the accident only to show up with another girl, etc, etc. I made it all as dramatic as possible without exaggerating.
Needless to say, I've been a little distracted.
Becky: Of course. Anyone would! As a courtesy to you, I can take off one month. But gosh you've been through so much, let me see what Bloomingdale's can do to help. Give me a few minutes and I'll talk to my manager.
Savvy: Thanks so much! And when you come back I'll tell you another story.

She got all the late charges dismissed. She reversed finance charges for one month. She's my hero! In exchange, I read her all the cards I'm sending to Post Secret--including the ones I haven't told you about. She loved them.

See, it never hurts to try. Just be sweet, be charming, be yourself and be sincere. We helped each other out in a way. Now she will have this really great story to tell her friends. I relieved her work boredom--I know what it's like to have a phone job. It can be pretty awful and that's just the monotony of sitting on the phone. People can be really rude to phone center people so it's really refreshing to them when you are extra nice to them. And she made me loyal to Bloomingdale's. I won't forget her act of kindness.

The same thing happened when I called a collection agency for a bill that had slipped through the cracks as I traipsed across the United States driving from state to state and living in New York for awhile. Finally the bill found me.

Savvy: I'm calling to pay my bill.
Phone: Are you serious?
Savvy: Yes. I was moving around and I lost track of it.
Phone: Wait just a second. Let me pull up your information.
I could hear her smile from the other side of the country.
Savvy: Unfortunately this kind of messed up my credit report.
Phone: Well, don't you worry about that. I'll see what I can do.
To friends: This nice lady called to pay her bill. Can you believe it? This never happens. You wouldn't believe the things people say.
I waited.
Phone: Since you were so nice, we're going to contact your credit agency and tell them that we made a mistake.
Savvy: Wow, really? Thanks so much.

Sure enough, the mark was removed from my credit report. Seriously, it's that easy. Again, be sweet, be charming, be yourself and be sincere. When you are, even people you don't know will go out of their way to help you.

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