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Friday, April 11, 2008

Flowers from Astro Boy

I wasn't expecting much. I thought he wasn't that interested. After all, he texted me to confirm our date. That's a first. What would you think? But then, even though he was coming to my area, he made the plans on his iphone!

We were going to meet at a sushi place, but he decided it was a hole in the wall, so he said we would try to find something else. When I got there, his impressively tall self was walking around in front of the restaurant, talking to me on the iphone. He was dressed all in black.

Savvy: I love it! You're wearing my favorite color!
Astro: Wow! You are too!
Savvy: It's funny, because my students keep telling me I shouldn't wear black so much, but here we are, wearing black! I'm trying to wear a little more color, so there's a little red, and I'm wearing red shoes!
Astro: Um, that's really not very much red...

We both laughed. I decided he was harmless enough for me to drive to the restaurant with him. He took me to the truck and produced a bouquet of flowers.
Astro: I thought you might like these.
Savvy: Wow. Thanks! That's so sweet!
I'm either getting played or this is serious. It was a beautiful bouquet. I can only think of two guys who ever brought flowers to a first date--high school dances excepted. He's the second. I ended up dating the first guy for 8 months even though he had 3 kids and drove a minivan.

He wanted to take me to a Japanese steak house--one where they grill the food right in front of you. But we couldn't find it. I couldn't make the iphone work anymore. So he called OnStar.
Astro: I make them call me Doctor, it makes me feel good since I have a PhD.
OnStar: Hello Dr. Astro, how are you?
Astro: Good. I'm trying to find a restaurant called ----- at--waht's the address, D?
Savvy: I can't make this thing work... darn!
OnStar: No problem, Dr. Astro.
Savvy: I'm Mrs. Astro!
Astro: No she's not. Maybe in the future, though.
Savvy: Oh! There's the restaurant! We found it.
Astro: Never mind about the directions, we found it.
Savvy: I really am Mrs. Astro, he's lying! Big liar!
OnStar: Laughing. Thanks so much for your call. Have a great evening.
Savvy: I say whatever I feel like saying. I figure if I guy doesn't want to date me because I joked with the OnStar person about being his wife, then he really has issues and we probably won't have any fun because I can't be myself.
Astro: Laughing. I'm a big fan of being yourself. Especially with someone who's as much fun as you.

We had a great time at dinner. We could see ourselves in a mirror across from us and waved at each other.
Savvy: My goodness, they're going to cook right in front of us. We're going to smell delicious later!
Astro: And what's wrong with smelling delicious?
Savvy: Nothing!
We both laughed.
Savvy: I remember reading somewhere today that you shouldn't drink on a date with someone because it lowers your inhibitions and you might do something you regret. Let's drink!
Astro: You were drinking the night we met. Did you do anything you regret?
Savvy: Yes. I gave you my number.
Astro: Wow! You're facetious. I like it! I love your sense of humor! I love making you laugh.

We laughed and shared a Japanese beer. I fed him my filet mignon with chopsticks. We enjoyed getting to know each other. At least twice he told me:
Astro: I don't remember ever having this much fun on a first date.
Savvy: I specialize in having fun. If it's not fun, I'm not doing it.

He'd be surprised at what I don't find fun. Wondering if you are pregnant, not fun. Wondering about STDs, again, not fun. Actually he already knows I'm a nice girl. He still asked me out.

He took me bowling. It's hard going to a bowling alley you know. I remember going there with my ex-fiance. Bowling was a big factor in both meeting and dating Bass. I had to tuck it away to the back of my mind.

Initially, I thought I was going to change clothes, but then again:
Savvy: You know what? Never mind about changing. I think I can just bowl in this skirt. It's a little bit stretchy. Plus I don't mind being the best dressed girl in the bowling alley. I love being well dressed.
Astro: Me too!

When we got our shoes we laughed at the disparity in our shoes sizes. He wears a mens 14, I ended up sporting a womens 6--though I am a 6.5 or a 7.
Savvy: Wow! Look my shoe fits inside your shoe!
Astro: Cute!
Savvy: So, how tall is the shortest girl you have ever dated?
Astro: How tall are you?
Savvy: 5'2"
Astro: That's the height of the shortest girl.
Savvy: I'm the shortest? Seriously? Do you like short girls or tall girls?
Astro: I usually like shorter girls--especially because they are alot more impressed by my height. How about you? Do you like tall guys?
Savvy: Yes. Up until you, the tallest guy was 6'5". That was back in college. It's not hard for a guy to be taller than me, though! Do you know how hard it is to find a guy who's shorter than me!!?
Astro: That's funny.
Savvy: I have a friend--two friends actually who would kill me over this.
(I was thinking of Single/Certain and my opera friend, Mary Joy who both clock in at 6 feet tall. I was thinking of heights...Bass was 5'11", Chris was 5'9" which I thought was perfect. I had a boyfriend who joked that he was 5'12". We talked about cars, since he drives a truck--king cab. That was another first.
Savvy: I suppose it's either a truck or a mini van.
Astro: I don't want a mini-van until I have a family.
Savvy: And then you can put those cool stickers on the back. I've actually dated two guys who drove mini-vans. One was for his 3 kids, the other was for his standup bass.
Astro: Seriously? Why would you drive a minvan for a bass?
Savvy: Yeah, it's pretty gay, huh? A soccer mom van. We made it cool, though. I named it the Jazzmobile.

I told him to give us fake names at the bowling alley. He told me that he had been really looking forward to our date. Somehow we already have another one set up for Monday evening. I didn't know what to believe. He seemed so sincere, so sweet, so easy to talk to. And he seemed to really like me, but not with the mania and exhileration that came with dating Bass. I wanted Bass to treat me this way. Bass actually treated me really well at first. He was always comlimentary and seemed to really like me alot too. I don't know what to think, I don't know what to believe.

The good night kiss was nothing short of amusing.
Savvy: Maybe I should stay on the step to your truck so we can see eye to eye.
Astro: That's not about height, that's about agreement.
Savvy: Oh, no! And all these years I was deceived!
I winked. Maybe he's used to stupid girls.
Astro: Don't forget your flowers.
Savvy: Oh, no, I won't! Thank you. That was sweet.
Astro: I had the most fun I've had in a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
He kissed me carefully. I was still looking at him, amused by him bending 16 inches just to kiss me. He kissed me again, and it was a little more relaxed. Just lips in case you're wondering!

Well, I didn't think much of it, but then today he called me.
Astro: You sound happy.
Savvy: I am happy.
Astro: I wanted to call you and tell you that I had a great time with you. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again.
Savvy: That's so sweet! Thanks. I had a fun time, too. Thanks for the flowers.
Astro: I thought you are a happy person and I thought you would like yellow in your bouquet.
Savvy: Oh yes, I did. I do. And I like carnations.
Astro: How are the flowers doing today?
Savvy: Good, last I checked. I haven't been home all day.

My favorites are roses, but I do love carnations. Just don't get me lillies or tulips. The bouquet actually has daisies and lillies. I'm seriously allergic to those lillies and tulips. He told me about what he was up to that evening and invited me to come by if I wanted to. (Not his place--he started a meetup group with a science focus.) He talked about what a lovely day it was before saying goodbye. I already decided not to join him, even though the wine tasting event I thought I would attend this evening is actually next friday. I thought about going to see a jazz band that I had seen with Bass on our first date. But then even though they are talented, I decided against it. I get enough Bass reminders. I decided I should save money instead.

I walked into the date with Astro completely thinking he was a jerk and a player. On the other side of the date, I'm impressed. He seems sweet and genuine. He is Christian and attends church regularly. We are both singers, he sings in his church choir. I didn't expect to have so much in common--except that I haven't been very regular about church attendance. It's not like what I felt with Bass. It's quieter not strong and stormy. We have things in common, but I don't feel that level of resonance that I did with Bass. But then, resonance can cause crystal to shatter--just like he shattered our fledgling relationship. Maybe I'm just a little too bitter right now, but we'll see how it plays out. But if he's actually genuinely sweet, then he's worth gettting to know. It's easy to take it slow. I'm still a little bit stuck on un certo non so che something I can't explain. After all I've been through, I'm still a little bewitched, bothered and bewildered by Bass.


SavvyD said...

Hey SavvyD,
I like your blog, I am also on the "dating scene", as a part of my personal development journey!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm so glad you had a great time with Astro!