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Monday, April 21, 2008


I might have made a boy almost cry, but I'm not really sure. I was supposed to go out with Astro tonight and he TEXTED me to cancel! I've been feeling really sick, so much so that I missed Friday, called in sick today, and will also be out tomorrow.

I didn't really know WHAT to think, but I was annoyed and mystified. Actually, some of my sick time today counts as work comp. I was at the doctors office...

Astro: TEXT. Have to teach 2nite. Need a raincheck.
Savvy: VOICEMAIL. That's totally OK. I was hoping I would feel better for tonight, but I've been really sick and coughing and I wouldn't want you to get that...
Astro: TEXT. Got your message -- so sorry to hear you're sick. I hope you feel better soon.

I confess I was annoyed after what I had been through with Bass--constant attention via text without any real direction, a big heartbreak and a big cell phone bill a month later. I should just use the f word and get it over with. Friends. Where was YOUR mind?

Savvy: TEXT. Antibiotics r kicking in. I will try 2 make it 2 yr church thing. We had a nice time but it seems like we have 2 much going on. I've never had xcel by txt!
Astro: VOICEMAIL. Hey I hope you are well today. Thanks for coming to my church thing, I'll look forward to seeing you there. Things are really wacky right now and I guess it's something to think about whether or not it can work out, but what the heck, it's great to know people and have friends and maybe something more. It doesn't matter to me either way, but it would be nice because I think you're a great gal and I really like just talking to you. I hope we can see each other again. I hope you feel well soon. Let me know if Friday 7pm works for you and we'll make a nice Friday of it.

I waited awhile...

Savvy: Hey, you picked up.
Astro: Of course.
Savvy: So, Friday, 7pm? OK.
Astro: Great. We'll just take the plans I had for tonight and make them for then.
Savvy: So it's all still a surpise?
Astro: Yes.
Savvy: Alright. Fun. Maybe I'll still have this fun rental. It's yellow. I needed a little feng shui to brighten my day.
Astro: Well, you're a happy person, yellow suits you.

Must be the antidepressants because I'm still sad about Bass and my job...
Savvy: Aww, thanks.

We chit chatted about injuries, but now we have a date for Friday. This is certainly early in the week by Rules standards, too. I didn't need to say that he shouldn't cancel. If he does, that's it. He already cancelled last Monday that we were supposed to go out. Something about a power outage and getting dinner with his roommates so they could figure out how to deal with it. He also felt a need to take Sunday as a "me" day to "think about things."

As a female I think it's bad when a guy needs to "think about things." It never means anything good. My only thoughts were that I needed to see him to stay interested and that I'm still on the rebound.

Friday there shouldn't be any excuses. I just thought it was unbelievable that someone would TEXT me to cancel a date. But his message convinced me that he cared. His voice cracked a little bit.

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