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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love is...Like Football--The Replacement

The night I met Bass was the second time I had run into J--I met J at a Superbowl party the week before and really liked him. I had high hopes of running into J again. I was flirting with J at a bowling alley mixer and then I met Bass, which hit me like a ton of bricks. Interception!

I must confess that I'm a bit of an incorrigible flirt. I had J help me tie my shoes, and another guy too. (First down!) It was fun. I sat on Js lap in between my turns and his turns. (First down!) He massaged my shoulder because it was hurting. (First down!)

I left J to get a drink and an ice pack. I returned and ended up talking to Bass because he also had a shoulder injury. (Interception) I felt torn. I liked J, but Bass stunned me. We had so much in common. Our conversation flowed effortlessly. It was like being struck by lightening.

We all went to a pool hall after bowling. Bass made sure he drove me to my car. (First down!) I sat at a table with J and Bass. The resonance between us became more and more obvious. Bass stole me from J that night. My fate was sealed when he walked me out to my car, leaving J with the rest of the group. What was I supposed to do? Sure, I liked J, but I wasn't sure if he was just flirting, though we had exchanged phone numbers. (Incomplete pass)

Bass not only asked for my phone number (Touchdown!), he asked me out. (Fieldgoal!) He asked me to do something that I really loved--see live music. (Touchdown!) The next night (Fieldgoal!) Bass won.

There was a lingering question as to what had been interrupted. It nagged at me. Had I hurt Js feelings? He wouldn't really talk to me on the phone after that night.

When Bass lied to me regarding his whereabouts, I thought of J and decided to take a risk. I invited him to go to karaoke with the group. Now I'm worried that I might hurt Bass by bringing J!!! J has always seemed nice. When we did talk he said he was a little bit over hanging out in my circle, but that it wasn't all bad, I met you. (Touchdown!) He's coming to karaoke. (Fieldgoal!) I'm supposed to have dinner with J before we all meet up for karaoke, so by then I'll know if I am still interested in J. He just might be able to turn this game around.

I wonder if Bass will try to get me back with competition. Was it all a game? was it real? Did he ever really care for me? I thought he did. I certainly cared for him. Bass was the first person I called after my accident because I knew he was driving a few hours that night and I was worried something could happen. My accident really freaked me out.

There's so much I just don't understand. Xtina told me Bass mentioned calling me right away about karaoke. Guys usually talk about girls who they care about. She said it seemed like we were very close when she saw us together. I know he's more relaxed with me than he is with other people--maybe that scared him.

Maybe I should stop worrying about Bass and move on. He hurt my feelings. I'm going to go with the philosphy that there is nothing like a new love to help you get over the old one. However some of this reminds me of Grease. Sandy dates sweet Roger when Danny misbehaves. Maybe I'll sing Hopelessly Devoted to You for karaoke. It also reminds me of The Replacements, because when the Pros are on stike. Everyday guys get to play.

I'll be sure to let y'all know what happens in the unfolding drama.


single/certain said...

ummmmmm... Bass LIED to you. why are you worried about hurting his feelings? what a tool.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you are making your life too complicated by focusing on Mr. Bass and Mr. J? They may be cool people, but it sounds like they are wasting your time.

Keep this up, and you will continue to get burned.

I am saying these things to you because the only way I was able to get out of my own dating hell was by accepting my responsibility in making decisions about who I will allow into my space.

Amir Larijani said...


Exchurchmouse is correct. Moreover, you are failing to account for the fact that your are USING men in the process.

Guys don't like to be used any more than the gals do. That's a sure-fire way to drive off the Christian men.

D said...

What was I using anybody for? I genuinely liked J before being stolen away. I have fun getting things out of my system by writing about it. I thought the football theme was kinda cool and funny.

Amir Larijani said...

I dunno Savvy...from a guy's perspective, it sure as heck LOOKS like you were playing guys against each other.

D said...

I think its in the way I wrote it. My real hope was to get things going with J since Bass didn't seem to want to date anymore.